New Geico Commercial

  • Wanda

    LOL! That’s why I couldn’t be a therapist…I’d want to slap the patients and tell them to “Snap out of it!”

  • Jim Bancroft

    DRILL INSTRUCTOR! Gunny Ermey was a Marine Drill Instructor! The ARMY has drill sgts!

  • Frank Billington

    I realize that this is supposed to be “humorous, but it is a slap in the face to our troops. especially the ones who are suffering from PTSD and other psychological ills. MY drill instructors knew the difference between ‘real’ problems and the malingerers.

    I think that this ad is in very bad taste, and is doing a disservice to GEICO. It needs to be pulled ASAP!

    Frank B. #1910900 USMC
    Maple Valley, WA

    • Lexy Gray

      You are the man in the chair and I’m the drill sgt. SHUT THE HELL UP with you whining….get a life, no one is making fun of soldiers idiot! The commercial is hilarious dope!

      • Stephen

        While I don’t find the commercial offensive, I do find it offensive call a member of the United States armed forces an idiot. I understand where Mr. Billington is coming from and I thank him for the service to our country.

    • SGT Tomass

      Oh, pipe down Francis. If you want to get your girdle in a bunch, you choulod be sounding off about the leaks within the intelligence world that actually do threaten our troops.

    • GunnyMac

      Frank Billington, you namby pamby whining little puke! Wake up kid, smell the roses, get your head on straight! It’s just a commercial you moron! Anyone offended by that little bit of humour probably lives in a God Damn bubble.

    • Deena

      I am sorry you feel like that Frank, I think it was just to try to lighten the load on some peoples shoulders out here not anything to do with real life situations……Look at all the disgusting movies that are made based on the War!!!!!!! Nobody knows better than you my mighty friend how hard it was for all of you…..but again I don’t think its a personal attack….May your days be blessed with laughter :) Thank You for serving our country.

    • Marty Daneman

      I absolutely agree. I still have nightmares from seeing my buddies torn apart by artillery and mortars. This so called Drill Sgt, has never fired a gun in anger and has the gall to play a drill sgt. to make a few bucks. What an asshole.

  • charlee

    pls post on youtube!!!

  • Catherine

    This commercial is great. I use it as an employee motivator.

  • Steve shrink

    I’m a psychiatrist and I actually think that this commercial is hysterical people shouldn’t be so sensitive. We all need to lough at ourselves sometimes.

    • Deena

      LOL Steve I so agree, come on its not like he’s a real drill Sgt….Its a great laugh :o)

      • DJ

        He is a real Drill Insructor ,11 yrs in the Marine Corps.Army has Drill Sergeants, Marine corps has Drill Instructors

    • Marty Daneman

      You’re a pitiful example of a shrink. You’re obviousy never seen a patient with PTSD

      • aspiegirl

        yeah, because a person with PTSD is sad when he sees yellow…right. And trust me, I know what PTSD is.

  • pamela bailey

    who is the guy that comes out and his head is tipped…then to the drill sergent.
    love him
    thank you

  • Leo

    I am a former Drill Sergeant and sometimes people need to here it straight… Some Drill Sergeants have PTSD as well understand we all deal with it different..Don’t read into it people just enjoy the humor.. TO THE END

  • Deena


  • Papa

    Worst, stupidesdt commericial I think I have ever ever seen.

  • Papa

    stupidest commericial I think I have ever seen.

  • ern

    luv it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dennis

    My drill instructor was Sgt Manley. Really his name! Tough dude and I learned a lot from him. Emery is very similar and this commercial fantastic. Manley was preparing us for war and his lessons stayed with me for life. He had his personal problems but all you mambie pampies need to lighten up and appreciate the humor.

    • Donovan McCormick

      I think sometimes that kind of approach is needed for some people.To many people like to dwell on their problems .They need to snap out of it and go on with their lives.We’ve all had crazy lives.We need to know how to get past some of the crap in our lives and go on living.I love this commercial.

  • Will Quackenbush

    Can we add a new geico jackwagon comrecial for geico, but only for geico.

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