As Heard On Jody Dean: Monday, 05/02/2011

as heard on jody dean As Heard On Jody Dean: Monday, 05/02/2011

Jonathan Hayes, Rebekah Black, Kathy Jones, Jody Dean, and Bernie Mack

If it came out of Jody’s mouth, we’re frantically trying to add it here!trans As Heard On Jody Dean: Wednesday, 02/02/2011

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We have a few things going on this morning…

5:45AM – Notes from the News

6:45AM – We’re going to talk ‘Hollywood’ with Mike Evans, the Hollywood Insider.

7:30AM – Dog of the Day

7:50AM – They Walk Among Us

9AM – Be listening to win a Passport to Spain $50 Gift Card and qualify for a trip to Spain with Sharon Carr Travel!!! 

Now, on to your morning links!

1. Osama bin Laden is Dead


2. Notes from the News


3. How Osama bin Laden was Taken Down


4. Mike Evans


5. President Obama’s Speech Last Night


6. President Obama Calls Bush and Clinton


7. Jack Bauer Trends on Twitter


8. Dog of the Day


9. Fans Erupt During Mets-Phillies Game


10. They Walk Among Us


11. Hitler and Osama Confirmed Dead on the Same Day



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