“Lost” David Bowie Performance FOUND!

Footage of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]David Bowie[/lastfm] performing “Jean Genie” on the iconic BBC television show Top of the Pops in 1973 that was thought to be erased years ago was recently discovered by a retired British cameraman…

John Henshall held on to a copy of the performances and showed the 38-year old footage last Sunday at the British Film Institute’s annual Missing – Believed Wiped event.  What a name.

Henshall said, “I just couldn’t believe that I was the only one with it. I just thought you wouldn’t be mad enough to wipe a tape like that…”

Can’t show you the actual video YET, but here’s the audio with some slides.  The video will surface at some point, and we’ll bring it to you when it does.  Meanwhile, try this: ~JZ.


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