“The Hunger Games” Has Fans Embracing Archery

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The Hunger Games

Everyone is completely consumed with The Hunger Games. The proof is in the very lucrative pudding; the film has grossed over $300 million since it’s release on March 23. Combine that with the fascination of leading lady Jennifer Lawrence, it’s no surprise everyone wants to get their hands on a bow and arrow.

Fresh 102.7/New York spoke with Al from Queens Archery about the sudden interest in the sport and if the 2012 mega-blockbuster has had an impact on their business.

“I don’t think it has,” said the archery expert. “I’m sure The Hunger Games film and books have made some impact on the interest in archery, but we’ve had just as much of an impact from Rambo and Deliverance.”

According to Al, it’s just an itch that will inevitably have to be scratched. Apparently any movie can summon the inner archer.

“Every time a movie comes out with a bow and arrow in it, it (the film) spurs people’s interest who have been dormant for years.”

Learn well, tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor.

- E.J. Judge CBS Local

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