Lumpy Gravy Will Get You Jail Time

109423186 Lumpy Gravy Will Get You Jail Time

That’ll teach ya! (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A collection of stupid people and their stupid stories or as we like to call it…They Walk Among Us!

Ok, so we’ve all had to deal with stinky people at some point in our lives, right? The company Deo has come out with a new product that could help with your stinky situation…Perfume Candy. It’s a rose-flavored product that claims to make a 145-pound person excrete a floral aroma for up to six hours. One bag of this magic candy will run you $10. Why would you buy deodorant candy, when actual deodorant is cheaper or just take a shower for free?

A Pennsylvania man was arrested the other day after flashing his breast implants at Walmart shoppers. Jeremy Owens, 23, got busted following a strange incident at the store. The Walmart manager reported that he was flashed by a female, but when they located her while yelling she was “the best whore in town” they discovered that ‘she’ was a ‘he’. Jeremy, arrested for assault, drug possession, resisting arrest, and indecent exposure. You might call seeing a dude with a rack at Walmart odd…I call it…best trip to Walmart EVER!!!

A judge dished out quite an unusual punishment for one woman in Ohio. Valerie A. Rodgers, 46, was ordered to cook Thanksgiving dinnerfor police officers as punishment for reckless driving! Rodgers pleaded guilty last month to hitting a police officer with her car while he directed traffic during the Canton Marathon. She’ll avoid prison time as long as she cooks up the holiday feast for three cops who are on leave or otherwise unable to work. However, lumpy gravy will get her 5-10 yrs.

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