World’s Biggest Liar To Be Named Soon

96080010 Worlds Biggest Liar To Be Named Soon

Photo by Matt Carr/Getty Images

The world’s best liars will be gathering in northwestern England to compete for the title of world’s biggest liar. The competition is open to anyone other than lawyers and politicians, who are banned from the competition because they have an unfair advantage in the competition.

The Huffington Post is reporting that the annual competition his held at the Bridge Inn in Lake District hamlet of Santon Bridge. The competiong was founded to honor the late Will Ritson, the former landlord of the Bridge Inn who was famous for his farfetched stories.

Contestants will have five minutes to impress judges with a huge but convincing lie.

Glen Boylan, a nuclear power plant worker, was last year’s winner. He took the top spot by telling a story about racing snails with Prince Charles.

They take this competition seriously across the pond, one local brewer is even producing a World’s Biggest Liar ale to commemorate the event.


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