That’s Ridickerous!!!

Bengals win!!! (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Bengals win!!! (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

To honor the re-imagining of several Disney attractions, today’s NFL picks’ mascots will  be replaced with Disney Characters…

ARIZONA CARDINALS at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS… Imagine the Seahawks are now a team of Donald Ducks running down the field, victory is so close, until they realize they are all pantless.  OH, the humanity.
CHICAGO BEARS at MINNESOTA VIKINGS….Chicago’s Duffy the Disney bear is “The Bear of Happiness and Luck.” While the Minnesota Vikings become the Pirates of the Caribbean, they pillage, plunder, ravish  and sleep on the skins of duffy bears…so much for your happiness and luck.
DALLAS COWBOYS at CINCINNATI BENGALS….  the Bengals are now the Cincinnati Tiggers and as you know   “Tiggers are wonderful things. Their heads are made of rubber, their tails are made of springs.”   And if you think the Cowboys are going to win, to quote Tigger, that is  “ridickerous”.
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