Man Goes On A Wedgie Spree!!!

Ouch! (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Ouch! (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A collection of stupid people and their stupid stories or as we like to call it…They Walk Among Us!

The flu is bad, but who knew it was this bad??? So bad, that a youth soccer league has banned high fives! How about you just wash your hands?

Normally, death isn’t funny, but when you die in the most fantastically awesome way…well then you get to be in They Walk Among Us! Here’s what happen, an unnamed man fell off a subway train whilst pooping between cars. I don’t really know any details other than he was taking a poop between subway cars, but hey, lesson learned…

Charles Ross is known for creating situations in order to harass and annoy people while filming their reaction for You Tube. Last weekend, he ended up in jail after he went on a wedgie spree at a theater. Ross was with a friend and began grabbing people by their pants and pulling them up hard, causing discomfort.

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