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Betty White Could Be Sexiest President At 91

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(Photo Credit Brian To/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit Brian To/Getty Images)

Last night on NBC Betty White was honored for the second year in a row. Celebrating the comedian’s 91st birthday, Betty White was on top of her game.

“Best thing about being in your 90s is you’re spoiled rotten,” White said on the . “Everybody spoils you like mad and they treat you with such respect because you’re old. Little do they know, you haven’t changed. You haven’t changed in [the brain]. You’re just 90 every place else.”

Betty also talked about going from 90 to 91 years old. “Now that I’m 91, as opposed to being 90, I’m much wiser, I’m much more aware and I’m much sexier.”

Former President Bill Clinton also chimed in on the stars power.

Well we know who we’re voting for in 2016!

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