The Walking Dead Is Back Tonight!!!

Grammys, shammys. (Obviously, I’ll watch them later.) I’m all about The Walking Dead tonight! The second half of season 3 starts tonight and 8PM on AMC. If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it. Especially, if you love zombies, blood, and or violence! In honor of the show, I’ve zombied myself and pretty much everyone else I know. There’s an iphone app called Dead Yourself, so if you like what I’ve done, you can go and dead yourself! It’s fun and super addicting!!!

Like I said, I zombied everyone! I wouldn’t be a good wife if I didn’t kill my husband James!

Dead James

My best friend Josh…

Dead Josh

My dogs…Major is up first.

Dead Major

And Babycakes…

Dead Babycakes

And KC…

Dead KC

And Moose. By the way, he looks like a really scary Ewok or gremlin!

Dead Moose

I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t do everyone at KLUV!!! Let’s start with my partner in crime each and everyday, Jody Dean!

Dead Jody

The one and only, Jenny Q.! Who is the sweetest and nicest person on the planet, but looks amazingly evil in this photo…

Dead Jenny

The John Summers…sexiest zombie I’ve ever seen!

Dead John

And the Zip-dude…

Dead Jim

And Jay Cresswell…

Dead Jay

And this blog just wouldn’t be complete with our webbie, Garret!!! Who loves The Walking Dead equally as much as I do!

Dead Garret

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