Tax Breaks For Making It Rain?

drake spent $50,000 in the strip club. (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

Drake spent $50,000 in the strip club. (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

A collection of stupid people and their stupid stories or as we like to call it…They Walk Among Us!

They Walk Among Us

So apparently monkeys hate jerks. Researchers asked two human actors to perform a wordless skit in front of seven Capuchin monkeys. The actors performed a displayed acts of cooperation and non-cooperation, which is often used to test how children develop a sense of fairness. After the skit, each actor offered a treat to the monkeys. The results were that the monkeys were less likely to accept food from someone who previously refused a request for help from another person and then they threw poo at them!

Stealing Nutella is the new thing at Columbia University. Last month one of Columbia’s undergraduate dining halls began serving Nutella every day. The problem began when students went through jars and jars of Nutella — at least 100 pounds a day.

Nobody wants to pay taxes, including rappers. According to a group of rappers who like to “make it rain” in the strip club, deducting those expenses from their taxes is a legitimate practice. Rappers Jim Jones, Bizzy Bone and The Game all plan to do that next month when their taxes are due.

How much do we hate the guy who wants to tax emails??? Berkeley City Councilman Gordon Wozniak suggested that taxing email might be one way to raise money for the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service. So far, no one likes this idea.

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