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Rebekah Reviews The Great Gatsby

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The Not so Great Gatsby

If I had to describe The Great Gatsby in one word…it would be Ehhhhhh. I’m not sure we actually needed a remake anyway. I read the book in high school and even watched the movie with Robert Redford and Sam Waterston. I remembered loving them both! Then I watched Baz Luhrman’s version. I definitely didn’t remember the characters being so psychotic and just kind of terrible people!

So, where to begin…let’s start with 3D. This movie should have NEVER been made in 3D!!! I’m sorry but snowflakes and glitter doesn’t qualify. I need blood and guts flying at me!

If you’ve ever used the term “Old Sport”…STOP!!! Leo DiCaprio literally says 1,000 times. I found myself counting thirty minutes into the movie. At one point our whole row wanting to turn it into a drinking game.

The acting is great. Leo and Toby look hot! The costumes are fabulous. The party scenes are the best part. However, it is way too long and pretty cheesy. Normally, I love director Baz Lurhman, but I was pretty disappointed in this one. He usually does something amazing with music, but he seems to be going through a Jay Z. and Beyonce phase.

On to my ranking…I gave it 2 out of 5 “Old Sports.” That means don’t see or just wait til it comes out on video.

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