David’s Dateline: Lindsay Lohan Is In Trouble With “The Oprah”!!!

You do not cross "The Oprah". (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for TWC)

You do not cross “The Oprah”. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for TWC)

Nothing new in pop culture or anything else gets passed David Rancken!

Lindsay Lohan learned a very very important lesson. Doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have a TV show or not. You do NOT mess with the “O”. Oprah’s kind of her life coach, with her OWN cameras following Lindsay around. Lindsay keeps no-showing her appearances, with lots of excuses. Oprah had a come to Jesus meeting with her. She’s backed down. Oprah’s paying her 2 million.

So all of a sudden, there’s a Twitter war going on between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy did a bit about a Kanye interview on the BBC. He put a kid in a chair, saying the EXACT words that Kanye said. Kanye got offended, he started throwing nastygrams at Kimmel on Twitter.

Kirstie Alley is madder n’ a hatter at Dancing With The Stars.. because they LET Leah Remini dance on the show. Kirstie says they betrayed HER. Leah talked about how Scientology wants her to fail.

Is the Guinness Book running out of categories? They just confirmed a new record. 358 people got together at Herald Square as the world’s biggest group of people TWERKING. The TwerkAThon actually broke an earlier record of only 250 people. The Guinness people said they had to make sure everyone twerking had the right technique.

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