Robert Plant Finds Unreleased Led Zeppelin Tapes, John Paul Jones Doesn’t Want Some Tracks Released

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Led Zeppelin fans should be excited: Robert Plant recently found some unreleased recordings by his former band.

More than demos, there’s some rare stuff you’ve probably never heard on these tapes. There’s only one wall in the way of the release of some of these songs: John Paul Jones. The Led Zeppelin bassist doesn’t want some of the songs to come out.

Robert Plant, who recently spoke to Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC 6 Music, said, “I found some quarter inch spools recently and I had a meeting with Jimmy (Page) and we ‘baked’ them up and listened to them and there’s some very, very interesting bits and pieces that will probably turn up.”

Most interesting is the fact that Plant doesn’t sing on all of the tracks on these recently uncovered tapes.

“I’m desperately trying to get this one track, or the two tracks, of John Paul Jones singing lead,” he said, elaborating that John Paul Jones has no desire for them to be released. “He’s going to give me two cars and a greenhouse not to get them on the album.”

These unreleased tracks may go into a series of Led Zeppelin reissues that are due out within the next year. Plant has been personally overseeing the remastering of all the Led Zeppelin albums.

Plant didn’t only talk about Led Zeppelin. he also talked about his current work with The Sensational Space Shifters, along with what else he’s been up to.

Find out more by listening to his interview with Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC 6 Music.


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