Oh Yeah, I Stopped For Pics This Morning!

This is my house.

This is my house.

Yes, I know…there’s a lot of ice out there this morning, but I swear I was very careful!

I got up extra early so I could take some pictures of my neighborhood in McKinney.

I don’t think anyone left their house last night. I didn’t see any fresh tire tracks on my block.

Winter 7

Winter 8

As far as I could tell no one was without power, but there was a tree down in my neighbor’s yard.

Winter 11

Here’s a couple of pics from the park across the street from my house.

Winter 10

Winter 12

And a few from the drive this morning.

Winter 4

Winter 3

Winter 2

Winter 1

Anyway, it’s bad out there, so if you can…STAY HOME!!!

Get a fire going, grab a book, and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and snuggle up under a blanket for the rest of the day!

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