Faces & Small Faces Could Reunite In 2015

Depending on who you ask, and who you believe, the Faces could or could not be reuniting with Rod Stewart fronting the band in 2015, and the Small Faces also could or could not regroup as well.

According to Kenney Jones, drummer for both bands, both bands could hit the road next year. On a possible Faces reunion, he told Billboard, “We’ve been talking; Woody’s (Ron Wood) management and myself, we were talking to Rod’s management. The Faces never finished on a good note (in 1975), so it would be nice to finish on a good note, and that would be that.”

As for a potential Small Faces reunion, Jones said talks are ongoing about marking the 50th anniversary of that band’s first single, “Watcha Gonna Do About It,” though no details have been revealed. The last time a Faces reunion was planned, Rod Stewart was a no show.

Let’s hope, for the sake of the fans, that all goes well. Tick tock, guys!!


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