Some Things You Just Shouldn’t Share On Facebook

Facebook has reached a whole new level for sharing things online, at least in my world.

Some Things Shouldn’t Be Shared on Facebook

85595143 Some Things You Just Shouldnt Share On Facebook

My friend Garret, whom I love dearly, announced that he was getting a vasectomy!!! We were private messaging each other one morning and I simply said, “Hi.” whereas Garret replied with, “I’m getting a vasectomy tomorrow.” No “Hi” or “Hello”, no nothing. He just came right out with it.

Now, Garret and I are close, but not vasectomy close. Well, now that I think about it…we are totally vasectomy close.

So I guess it gets a little weird when he went further with on facebook than just our private messages. He actually posted a pic with his wife. They were both smiling and the caption read, “The wife is happy because I can’t her pregnant.”

This is the infamous facebook photo.

This is the infamous facebook photo.

And it just keeps getting better…he also sent a snapchat to go along with the story. Thankfully those disappear in 10 seconds!!! So you can truly understand the photo, I’ll be descriptive. He sent a pic of frozen peas. Oh yeah, you know where they were sitting too!

I also have to mention, Garret and his wife Ursula have three beautiful babies! Audrey, Grady, and Gracie are their names. Gracie would be the cause of the vasectomy. She may not have been planned, but she’s precious nonetheless. Ok, maybe I’m a little sad there won’t be anymore cute little ginger babies.

Garret, Garret, Garret…I love you, but c’mon! People don’t need to know all your business!

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