I Think I’m On Summer Vacation

My husband is a coach and a teacher. Until football two-a-days start in August, he’s basically home for the summer. He has strength and conditioning camp during the week, but that takes up roughly two hours of his day.

His summer routine involves watching a lot of TV. It’s the same routine over Christmas break too. He will stay up until all hours of the morning watching movies and such.

It’s so weird because every year, I get roped into the same schedule! Three nights this week I have stayed up til midnight watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I don’t know how I keep getting sucked into his schedule. Part of me loves it. I pretend I’m actually on summer vacation. But then 3AM rolls around and I immediately regret my decision to stay up so late.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Perhaps it’s because we are actually getting to spend some time together. So maybe I should enjoy these moments. I can always make up for my sleep during football season when we never see each other!

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