Kitty Anthem Creator Adam Barta: I’m Actually Allergic To Cats!!!

Last week, we found the cat anthem of all cat anthems!!! Well, we say that, but really we don’t know if there are any other cat anthems out there. The video is totally creepy, but in an awesome way! Anything where the term auto-tuna is used, must be good!

Adam Barta is the creator of Kitty Anthem! He says this song is history in the making and the first ever duet with a cat!

After watching this magnificent video, we had to get Adam on the phone for an interview!

Obviously, Adam loves cats, but just how many does he have??? Well, none to be exact! He’s actually allergic to cats! We thought Preston, the star of the video, was Adam’s cat. As it turns out, Preston, is a rescue cat that belongs to his friends. Adam wants to use this video to help raise awareness for shelter animals. And we think he’s doing a pretty good job.

Now, Adam is seen in the video holding Preston the cat. If you think the lights were designed to give him that extra sparkle in his eyes, you would be mistaken. He’s actually just hopped up on a ton of Allegra D.

We’ve decided that Adam is this summer’s Gangnam Style and What’s Does the Fox Say?

Here’s to another viral video!!!

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