Rebekah: The BobSweep Is Going To Change My Life!!!

Cleaning around my house is a nightmare. Four dogs equals four times the amount of dog hair everywhere. It might be a little more manageable if I swept and vacuumed everyday, but honestly, who has time for that?

The BobSweep Is Going To Change My Life

2056274 Rebekah: The BobSweep Is Going To Change My Life!!!

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with Groupon. I don’t buy a ton of stuff, but I’ve started looking at it ever single day.

Last week, I found a robotic vacuum that sweeps, mops, and vacuums. It’s called the BobSweep and it’s made specifically for pet hair. This thing is normally $600!!! It was on Groupon for $219!!! Before I buy, especially when I’m going to spend a ridiculous amount of money, I have to look up product reviews. This robot vac is getting 4.5 stars on Amazon. Obviously, it does a pretty good job.

I also investigated it’s features. It comes complete with a timer, meaning I can set it up to start vacuuming when I leave the house. It will vacuum while I’m at work. That’s awesome! It also comes with a dog sensor, which detects your pet and switches directions in order to avoid your fur baby! It even has a sanitizing light! Perhaps the best part though is it’s ability to switch between tasks. It can tell the difference between carpet, hardwoods, and tile!

OMG! I can’t wait to get this guy! Except, whomp, whomp, it sold out! Are you kidding me? Now I have to watch Groupon religiously for the same deal. Come on BobSweep. Get back on Groupon. I really want to buy Bob. I think he will increase the quality of my life!

And I want the red one!

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