“Can You Hear Me Now” Scam Hitting North Texas

The Dallas Better Business Bureau says… if you receive a call from someone… who almost immediately asks, “Can You Hear Me?”… DON’T SAY ANYTHING… and HANG UP!!

The person or “robocall” may even saying something like, “I’m having trouble with my headset”.  Again… DON’T SAY ANYTHING… and HANG UP!!

The goal of that call… is to get you… to say YES!… so DON’T! If you say YES… they’ll record it, and use it to make unauthorized purchases.

CBS 11 reports Phlyissia Clark of the Dallas Better Business Bureau says, “Locally it has surpassed the IRS scam.” Clark says over 100 “Can You Hear Me Complaints” have been made since January.

Bottom line according to Clark… check your caller I.D. and let All unknown incoming calls… go to voicemail. Otherwise, “don’t be afraid to hang up.”

If you receive this call, report the number it came from to http://www.bbb.org/scamtracker, which will help warn others. Plus, the BBB shares the number with government and law enforcement agencies.

If you keep receiving unwanted calls, join the Do Not Call Registry at http://www.DoNotCall.gov. Doing so may not stop scammers, but it may help.

Plus, regularly check your bank accounts and telephone bills for any unusual activity.  Scammers may use “Yes” recordings to make unauthorized charges by your phone, which is called “cramming”… which is illegal.

I NEVER answer ANY call I don’t recognize. If it’s important, they will leave a message.

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