Are Job Interviews Wasting Time?

Job interviews… may be a waste of time, according to research released by Independent.

The study shows interviewers are often over confident in their ability to properly interview prospective employees, allow themselves to be charmed, and ignore the applicants previous job performance and important position-related skills.

Bottom line… interviewers often form strong impressions about applicants, which are often completely wrong.

In the past year, a friend who has a small business, has been in the process of hiring additional personnel. He too has told me of this situation, and is taking better measures to properly research applicants.

Personally, I have a friend in management with the Radio industry who has a proven track record of success… but he has told me… he doesn’t interview well… because he’s simply not comfortable with the process. Fortunately those he’s worked under have vetted him carefully and learned about his professionalism and successes.


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