Restaurant Employee Fired For Tip Complaint Tweet Against Country Star Jason Aldean

Last week, Country star Jason Aldean and his crew were performing in West Virginia, and ordered 60 burritos and a quesadilla from nearby Black Sheep Burrito & Brews, with a bill of around $500, according to TMZ.

The employee who handled the order felt Aldean (or his people) had left a terrible tip, and tweeted about it, insinuating Aldean was cheap!

A few days later, that employee… was canned!


A manager at Black Sheep told TMZ the employee was terminated due to company policy prohibiting such actions. Aldean/his people, had zero to do with the termination.

A rep for Aldean says their order “included an appropriate tip” and Aldean himself hadn’t had any contact with the restaurant or it’s employees.


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