The One Thing You Have To Watch TodayWe've all been there. Just landed, tired of being on an airplane, maybe with a connecting flight we're about to miss. Then the captain makes an announcement…and this happens.
Huge Beatles Hits That Didn't Reach #1The Beatles had so many #1's -- 27 worldwide, 20 in the U.S. -- that a whole compilation (1) is nothing but songs that reached the top. Who else can say that? So it might surprise you to glance at the list of those enduring hits that didn't make it all the way. At least not in these United States.
Which Multi-Million-Dollar Texas Professional Basketball Player Doesn't Live Like One?Even with a $94 million deal... he drives a...
Celebrating the Birth of George Harrison, 2/25/1943George Harrison was born this week in 1943, and we're all the better for it. His birthplace is 12 Arnold Grove, the tiny family home on a cul-de-sac with an outdoor toilet and one foot wide flower bed.
Beatles Invade D.C.! Anniversary of First U.S. ConcertIn a day when concerts are easily two hours, sometimes three, the Beatles U.S. tour was comprised of shows lasting barely over the length of a Dick Van Dyke episode.
Beatles Love, Love, Love SongsI joked with a colleague a while back that the first ten Beatle hits had ‘Love’ in the title. The Beatles were, of course, masters at writing and delivering the best that romantic love has to offer.
What Are the Beatles Most Streamed Songs by Age Group?The Beatles joined nine music streaming services on Christmas Eve and two days later set records on one of them, Spotify, for the most simultaneous streams in the company's history.
‘Rooftop’ Anniversary: Beatles Final Live PerformanceIt might be the coolest moment in rock. Imagine taking a lunch break on a blustery winter day in London and hearing ‘Get Back’ from above. You look-up. Yep, that’s the Beatles alright. On the roof with Billy Preston.
Beatles Producer George Martin Played on 30+ Tracks
Blake Powers - #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: Nov. 20-22Looking for #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW? Here are a few...
The Beatles: Still The 1 -- New Compilation!This week in 2000 we received a Beatles gift in the form of a CD -- remember those? The cover was simple and colorful: bright orange background with a bright yellow '1.'
The Beatles Five Diamond Albums

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