Jody Dean, 5am-9am

A New Extreme Twist In Swinging Looks Super ScaryIf you have a fear of heights, cliff edges, tall buildings, anything with a see-through bottom...this is NOT for you.
Here's Your First Look At The Jumanji Reboot!Yep, Jumanji is getting a reboot. The film isn't all the old, but you know Hollywood...REBOOT city!
Rebekah: The Homecoming Mum Is Finally Finished!!!After roughly 12 plus hours of putting this bad boy together and spending a gagillion dollars...the mum is finally finished!!!
Attention Potterheads!!! Go Try The Patronus Experience!!!Ok Potterheads, have you taken the Hogwarts quiz? After answering a series of questions, it will tell you which house you belong in. Secretly you hope for Gryffindor, but don't get upset if you land in Huffelpuff.
Watch Margot Robbie, Norman Reedus, Chris Evans, & Paul Rudd Read Mean Tweets!Jimmy Kimmel is back with another edition of Mean Tweets! Easily one of the greatest bits on late night television.
Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In OctoberWho's ready to Netflix and chill this October?

Jenny Q, 9am-2pm

See Tom Brady's Facebook Post Regarding Patriots Blowout Over TexansThe New England Patriots are now 3-0 without Tom Brady. In fact, they had a third string QB last night – and still won 27-0! Here’s how TB responded on FB.
Have You Seen SMU's New Football Helmets?When SMU takes the field tonight vs. TCU, their helmets include a visual of the Dallas Skyline inside the Mustang logo. It’s a tribute to Dallas law enforcement, first responders and their fallen SMU officer.
Report: FBI Investigating Brad Pitt Over Allegation of Child AbuseThe FBI is now involved in investigating a reported incident within the Jolie-Pitt family on a flight from France to Minnesota.
Ballerina Loses Her Hair After Putting Her Hair In A Bun Every Day!Can you imagine having to put your hair in a tight bun every single day of your life. That is exactly what this ballerina did, and it took a toll on her hair.
Grand Prairie High School Teacher Gives Birth And Days Later Has An Aneurysm!Just days after giving birth Aracely Coleman found her self back in the hospital having emergency brain surgery.
Amber Rose Has Already Lost 10 Pounds From Being On Dancing With The Stars!Amber Rose joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars this year, and she is working her butt off. Literally!

Blake Powers, 2pm-7pm

Dallas Man's $17 Kindness Turns Into $1500 Charity DonationThirty-two-year-old Kasey Simmons, a waiter with Applebee's, was recently behind an older woman in a grocery store checkout line, and noticed she'd been crying.
Blake Powers Reviews "The Magnificent Seven"This new version of the classic film takes you into a more ethnically diverse world of...
Blake Powers' Weekend Thangs To Do In DFW: Sept. 23-25There's so much to do this weekend that you won't have time to do it all!!!
Attention Ladies! Do You Feel Men Often Interrupt You?Researchers at the University of California- Santa Barbara secretly recorded 31 everyday conversations between the sexes and found...
Disney Accused of Racism and Pulls "Moana" Polynesian CostumeIn anticipation of the Nov. 23 release of Disney's animated film Moana, about a Polynesian teenager who sails on a daring mission to save her people...
Real Life Couple That Inspired 'Fault In Our Stars' Dies Five Days ApartThe real-life Fault in Our Stars couple's love story has ended their time on earth.


Bruce Springsteen on Trump: 'The Republic is Under Siege by a Moron'As for Trump? Well he's got an opinion on that, too.
5 Bass Players Who Could Replace AC/DC's Cliff WilliamsThey're not all primarily known as bass players, but they all do play bass.
Hear Previously Unreleased David Bowie Album 'The Gouster'The album 'The Gouster' is part of a massive box set featuring Bowie's work from 1974-1976.
Butch Vig Recalls Producing Nirvana's 'Nevermind'"Kurt wanted his band to be very successful," Vig said. "Nirvana may have come across as punk slackers, but that’s definitely not who they were."
5 Best Songs on Bruce Springsteen's 'Chapter and Verse'The album contains previously unreleased tracks from his early bands the Castiles and Steel Mill.
Common Releases Powerful 'Black America Again' Featuring Stevie WonderThe video begins with footage of the Alton Sterling shooting.

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