Jody Dean, 5am-9am

Olympic Athletes' Village In Rio Has Been Deemed "Uninhabitable"Just when you thought things in Rio couldn't get any worse...
Samsung Has Fixed The Defective Waterproofing Feature On The Galaxy S7 ActiveOne of the biggest differences between the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy is that the Galaxy is waterproof.
Looks Like The World Will End This Friday, July 29th, 2016It's the end of the world as we know it... No, really, it's the end of the world!
John Oliver Tackles The Republican National ConventionIn case you missed it last week, the Republican National Convention took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Surely you saw bits and pieces of news coming out of the convention. If not, well, that's why we have John Oliver!!!
2 Dead, 16 Injured In Fort Myers Nightclub ShootingSadly, this is not an old story from last month. There has been another nightclub shooting in Florida.
Apple May Release The iPhone 7 In Early SeptemberIf you've been planning your entire fall around the release of the iPhone 7, you are in luck! We have a date!

Jenny Q, 9am-2pm

Marni Nixon, Voice Behind 'West Side Story' and 'My Fair Lady,' Has DiedI remember being told, years after wearing-out the West Side Story movie soundtrack as a child, that Natalie Wood did not do the singing as Maria. Nor did Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady as Eliza. Their voices were ‘dubbed’ – a word I didn’t yet understand. I was stunned: the compelling voice singing those iconic songs belonged to a woman named Marni Nixon. She passed away yesterday at 86 due to complications from breast cancer.
Dallas Cowboys Bus Owned by Team Involved in Fatal Crash in ArizonaA tragic story in Arizona. Four people died when the Dallas Cowboys bus collided with a van on highway 93, the main route between Phoenix and Las Vegas. The bus was not carrying any coaches or players from the team.
Taking a Hot Bath Shows Similar Benefits to ExerciseWhat a dreamy headline! Who knew that we can get out of exercise… I mean, enhance our health dramatically… by taking a hot bath. A new study out of England shows that a half hour bath gets your metabolism going, reduces blood pressure and burns the equivalent calories as a 30 minute brisk walk. Our bodies release the same proteins when exposed to exercise or heat.
Secret to Happy Marriage is 7-8 Hours of SleepWhen couples married 50-60 years are interviewed about what made their marriage last, they usually say things like honesty, respect and a sense of humor. I don’t recall any saying “we both get plenty of sleep” – but a new study suggests sleep is just the ticket. In fact, sleep is what allows those other positive aspects.
Pokemon Go Player Drives Straight Into A Park Where Children Are PlayingA group of young children playing in a park in Henderson, Nevada were left terrified after a person drove straight into the park, while playing Pokemon Go.
VIDEO: It's The Suitcase You Can Ride Around The Airport!Why someone hasn't thought about this until now is beyond me!

Blake Powers, 2pm-7pm

Drunk Police Officer Pulls His Gun On Jack In The Box Drive-Thru Employee And It Was Caught On Video!A new video of a drunk Sheriff's Deputy in Santa Clara, California being arrested for pulling his gun on a fast food worker has gone viral.
Powers Of Observation 66A stolen ambulance, chicken wars, and fire breaks out in a movie theater on the 66th episode of Powers of Observation.
Yahoo: SOLD!After a five-month bidding auction, Verizon has bought Yahoo!
Police Find Hundreds-Of-Thousands In Marijuana Plants In Corsicana TX!In the small city of Corsicana TX (55-miles south of Dallas), the local economy which has relied on oil and gas, seems to need a little smoke thrown in!
Lindsay Lohan Wakes Neighbors Pleading For Help From PoliceThis weekend, Lindsay Lohan took to Instragram and Twitter to accuse fiance' Egor Tarabasov... of cheating!
Dallas Cowboys Bus Involved In Deadly AccidentCBS 11 reports a Dallas Cowboys van carrying contributer Mickey Spagnola, the team's mascot, a videographer and bus driver Emory Tyler, were in Kingman AZ this weekend...


Paul Simon Performs 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' at the DNCSarah Silverman, introducing Simon, said that she's still 'Feeling the Bern,' but that his supporters should support Clinton.
Alessia Cara Covers U2's 'One'Cara brings her vocal runs to the empowering song.
Ozzy Osbourne Says His Marriage is Back on TrackAccording to Ozzy the couple just hit a "bump in the road."
Rihanna to Play Pivotal Role in 'Bates Motel'RiRi is set to re-create the most iconic shower scene in horror movie history.
INXS' Frontman Michael Hutchence Documentary in the WorksMichael Hutchence and his music will continue to be remembered.
Distracted Fan Plays Pokémon Go at Beyoncé ConcertThe epic call-out has gone viral, sending a clear message to Pokémon Go players around the world: "Live in the moment (especially when the moment includes Beyoncé)."

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