Nordstrom Is Charging $425 For A Pair Of Dirty JeansWhat is happening at Nordstrom? Why are they trying to sell us a pair of "dirty" jeans?
Man Eats 255 Peeps In 5 Minutes To Break The World RecordAs Easter approaches, let the Peep Eating contests commence.
If You're Going To Steal Your Coworkers Food...Don't Log The Calories On My Fitness PalMan people can be really dumb.
College Student Juggles For Officers To Get Out Of A DUIDriving too slow is suspicious. However, there are a couple of reasons why you might be going under the speed limit...your brake lights are're looking for an address...or you're drunk!
Dad Offers Up $20 To His Little Boy To Sneak Up On A 1,300 Pound SteerIn general, it's probably not a good idea to sneak up on a steer. Even allow your child to sneak up on a 1,300 pound steer!
Woman's Pet Snake Got Stuck In Her Ear GaugeEar gauges might be a fashion trend, but are they safe? Sure, giant holes in your ears are totally safe you you. However, they can be problematic when it comes to your animals or reptiles, in this case.
Soon To Be Dad Gets A Ticket For Gender Reveal ExplosionGender Reveal parties have become popular over the last couple of years. The standard party usually involves a couple cutting into a blue or pink cake or popping a balloon to reveal blue or pink confetti. Not exactly a 10 on the dude scale.
Man Spent Over 9 Hours Scrolling To Reach The Bottom Of An Excel SpreadsheetHave you ever seen the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet? What about without the help of Ctrl+Down?
Pastor Hits The Amarillo Mall To Tell Kids Santa Is A LieFirst thing's first...Santa is 100% real!
When Sliding On Ice, Do NOT Try To Stop Your Car With Your FootEvery single year, we seem to forget the rules of winter weather.
After A Loss To The Cowboys, Eagles Fan Makes Good On Bet; Gets Kicked In The NutsAllow this to be a lesson for those of you who bet on sports. One of these days you might just find yourself on the receiving end of a roundhouse kick to the groin.
Teen Gets Her Head Stuck Inside A Giant PumpkinCarving pumpkins is a Halloween family tradition for many people. It's a chance to get creative while spending some real quality family time together.

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