David Rancken

New Study Says Texas Has A Fear Of Holes

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to get scary! Ooooooooooooooo (read that in a ghost voice).

5 hours ago

Adam Ruins Everything…Even Taxes

Adam Conover likes to ruin things. Now, he’s taking on the taxman.


It’s Megabots Inc. VS Suidobashi In A Robot Battle To The Death

Dreams really do come true! The United States took on Japan in a GIANT ROBOT DUEL on Tuesday!!!


Check Out The Latest Trailer For Black Panther

We are t-minus four months until the release date of Black Panther!


A-Ha’s Unplugged Version Of “Take On Me” Is Amazing

Who knew MTV still had music segments!


John Oliver Takes On Confederate Monuments

There is still a lot of controversy over removing monuments and school names with Confederate names on them. The city of Dallas took the Robert E. Lee out of Lee Park. The Dallas School Board is taking Confederate names off four schools.


Vegas Survivor Shot In The Leg Was Determined To Stand Up To Meet The President

Thomas Gunderson’s story has gone viral.


And The 2018 Rock Hall Of Fame Nominees Are…

It’s here! It’s here! The official list is out for the 2018 nomination class to the Rock Hall of Fame. A lot of names are first time nominees as well…19 nominees in all.


Adam Ruins Everything Including The Suburbs

Dang it Adam! Why? Why must you ruin EVERYTHING!



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