David Rancken

3-Year-Old Girl Nails Every Single Note Of “America The Beautiful”

Leave it to Ellen to find another singing sensation.


Check Out The First Trailer For Pitch Perfect 3

The Bellas are back! It’s time for the third installment of Pitch Perfect!


“Bachelor In Paradise” Contract Basically Allows Producers To Do Whatever They Want

We just gotta get this out…DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Power Rangers Gets An Honest Trailer

It’s one of the “blockbuster” movies that came out in the spring, and left the theaters almost as quickly. A TV series remake into a film. GO GO POWER RANGERS!


Vicks VapoRub Is The Answer To Those Itchy Mosquito Bites

We are in the thick of mosquito season. Those pesky little buggers attack as soon as you open the door.


Howie Mandel Gives The Golden Buzzer To 16-Year-Old Singer Christian Guardino

Howie Mandel says America’s Got Talent is having its best year for auditions ever.


Woman Dresses The Dog Like A Baby To Sneak Him Into The Hospital To Visit Grandma

We would do anything for our grandparents! Especially when they’re sick and stuck in the hospital.


Beauty & The Beast Gets An Honest Trailer

The live action version of Beauty and the Beast just came out on DVD, so now’s the time for reality for the film.


Watch A HS Student Grow Up In 3 Minutes

A dad committed to one thing with his daughter every year. He wanted to find out what Mackenzie thought about her first day of school.


Check Out The Teaser Trailer For Black Panther

In case you missed it over the weekend, Marvel unveiled the first teaser trailer for Black Panther.



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