David Rancken

Motel 6 Is Giving Travelers A Chance To Experience The Wonders Of The U.S.

A lot of Americans haven’t seen much of their homeland.


The Vanderbilt Football Team Made A Sorority Recruitment Video

Every year sororities spend tons of money on recruitment videos. Back in the fall, a sorority at Arizona State spent a quarter of a million dollars!


Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good Not To Keep In The Movie

Sometimes, the best parts of the movies are the blooper reels. Sadly though, those usually don’t make the final cut of the film.


Watch A Piece Of Paper Cut Through PVC Pipe!

If you ever run out of saw blades, now worries because you can just use a piece of paper.


An Asteroid Is Flying By Earth Today

Wednesday, April 19th, around 7:30AM…this could be our last moments on Earth together since there’s an asteroid headed right for us! Ok, probably not, but we are getting a flyby.


The Latest Fashion Trend: Bare Butt Jeans

No, no, no, no, no, no. Just NO!


Simon Cowell Uses His Golden Buzzer On 15-Year-Old Sarah Ikumu Who Nailed A Song From “Dreamgirls”

We’re getting to summer and that means we’re starting to get “THOSE” kinds of auditions from the “Got Talent” shows.


Melissa McCarthy Returns As Sean Spicer In Full Easter Bunny Costume On SNL

Believe it or not, but Press Secretary Sean Spicer was once the White House Easter bunny.


What If High School & College Textbooks Were Honest?

If you’ve ever put a kid through college, then you know how expensive textbooks can be.


The Cast & Crew Of Star Wars Pay Tribute To Carrie Fisher

It was only a matter of time before the cast and crew of Star Wars put together a tribute to Carrie Fisher.



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