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Report: ‘Today’ Staff ‘Embarrassed’ by Al Roker’s Comments About Ryan Lochte

The NY Post’s Page Six has a report today about ‘Today,’ the show. “There were several producers and talent who were left trying to explain Al’s over-the-top behavior,” citing an unnamed source. An NBC executive said the claims were “not true.”

18 hours ago

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Woman Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in ‘Messy Purse’

What winnings may hover amongst the loose change, receipts and hair ties in a typical handbag? A woman in Ireland ended up cleaning up in a national lottery, after cleaning out her purse!

21 hours ago


Is 4 AM the Most Productive Hour?

Early birds gets the worm, yes, but this is really early for most of us! Entrepreneurs and executives interviewed by the Wall Street Journal say getting up before everyone else works for them – and the proof is in their success pudding, so to speak.

21 hours ago

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Astronaut Sets New Record Spending 521 Days In Space!

Can you imagine spending more than a full year in space? That is exactly what Jeffrey Williams has done. He has spent 521 days total in space.

23 hours ago

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Love Field Named TripAdvisor’s Choice Favorite For Dining!

If you have ever been to Love Field you know it’s something special, but people all over are taking notice. Love Field was named one of the best airports for dining in TripAdvisor.

23 hours ago

(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Sainsbury's)

Lewisville Teacher Is Changing The Way Kids Take PE Class

Jason Leach is the teacher every kid wishes they had. Leach, a teacher of 24 years, works for Independence Elementary School as a physical education teacher.

23 hours ago

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for SELF Magazine)

Courteney Cox Opens Up About Plastic Surgery and Divorce on Running Wild

In between eating rotten sheep and braving Ireland’s icy water, Courteney Cox answered Bear Grylls personal questions on the series Running Wild.


(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Reporter Finds KFC’s Secret Recipe On Accident!

It has finally been found, the secret recipe for KFC’s famous chicken is here. A Chicago report found it by mistake.


(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

105-Year-Old Woman’s Birthday Wish Was Sexy Firefighters!

Ivy is our new favorite person. She turned 105-years-old and all she wanted was a bunch of hunky firefighters.


(Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images)

Photos Show Cat ‘Thor’ With Striped Fur Resembling Bengal Tiger

In a world of cat pics and videos, let’s crown this one king. Apparently he’s already accepted the title.



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