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Sources Say Jason Witten to Remain a Dallas Cowboy for 4 More Years

Whoa! Based on what Jason Witten said last month, it looked like this upcoming season may be his last. But a story just published says there are reasons for Cowboys fans to smile today.

4 hours ago

Why You Should Never Work Out On An Empty Stomach

Researchers have found that when it comes to weight loss, your body doesn’t like to be starved.

7 hours ago

Don Henley To Be Joined By Two Eagles at Dallas ‘Birthday’ Concert

Our neighbor, long time Dallas resident Don Henley, has revealed more details about his upcoming 70th Birthday show at the AAC.

7 hours ago

Never Seen 1970s Rolling Stones Texas Photos Surface

The Stones played two hot June nights one San Antonio summer – the kickoff of their “Tour of the Americas ’75.” And, like all good visitors from abroad, they posed in front of The Alamo.


Co-Worker Annoying You? There’s an Extension For That

There’s a button you can install in your Chrome browser that could come in handy today. Click it to make your phone ring and you can segue out of an undesirably interaction or conversation. But wait, there’s more!


The Age You Peak, According to Science

For all of us who dream of still learning a second language… yes, we are indeed long past our peak of doing such. However, the vocabulary in our native tongue doesn’t peak until age 71 according to research.


Bus Crash Leaves High School Track Coach Dead, 18 Players Injured in East Texas

A bus transporting the Mt. Pleasant High School boys track team was struck by an 18-wheeler last night which had veered into oncoming traffic. The bus was tossed into a ditch.


Scientists Want To Add 102 Planets To Our Solar System

At the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Kirby Runyon, a planetary scientist at Johns Hopkins, has brought back up one of the biggest and most inconsequential scientific debates of our time, ‘Is Pluto a planet?’


DFW Home Prices Continue to Set Records

North Texas homes continue to get super hot, so to speak, even prior to our glorious summertime.


Chuck Berry Leaves Behind a $17 Million Estate

The Father of Rock & Roll became one of its savviest businessmen.



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