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Ezekiel Elliott Spends First NFL Paycheck on House for Parents

Dallas Cowboys #21 Running Back Ezekiel Elliott is making a big impression not just on field performance but Dallas is loving his off field generosity. Did you know: Ezekiel Elliott took his initial earnings from the Cowboys and didn’t go out and buy himself something lavish, Nope, he decided to buy a new house for his parents and his two younger sisters.


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Dallas, Portland and Seattle Have Greatest Increase in Home Prices

Zillow says that Dallas-area home prices are continuing to grow at record speed.


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Facebook Now Allows You to Endorse a Presidential Candidate

As if you didn’t know who our friends were voting for…


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Men With Happier Childhoods Have Stronger Relationships Later in Life

Scientists have known for a long time that we start forming attachments at a very young age and continue to do so throughout our lives. Now research spanning seven decades has shown that the happier the childhood, the stronger the bonds in old age.


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New Website Lets You Buy Buffet Leftovers For Next to Nothing

40% of food in the United States is wasted every year – and one company is doing their part to fix that problem by allowing customers to buy buffet leftovers for cheap. Two pounds of sushi for 5 bucks? Yep.


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Study Explains Why Refrigeration Ruins Tomato Flavor

To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to. However you pronounce it, don’t make them too cold.


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Diet Coke Could Be Discontinued Soon!

Are you a huge diet coke fan? If so you might be really upset after reading this. Apparently diet coke isn’t nearly as hot as it used to be, and the company isn’t making nearly as much money as they used to off of it.


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Madonna Offers Oral Sex To Anyone Who Will Vote For Hillary Clinton At Amy Schumer Show!

Amy Schumer was in New York on Tuesday, and believe it or not Madonna actually opened for her. We know that Madonna and Amy Schumer are both big Hillary Clinton supporters, but we aren’t sure we expected Madonna to say this.


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Naked Statue Of Hillary Clinton In New York Almost Starts Riot!

Remember when the naked statues of Donald Trump showed up in New York city? It’s actually being auctioned off now for charity.


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You Can Drink A Cocktail While You Shop At These Grocery Stores!

We know exactly where we are buying our groceries now!



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