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Angie’s List Reviews Are Now Free to All

My sister and I have shared a membership to Angie’s List for many years. We’ve used the reviews to find doctors, plumbers, landscapers, lawnmowers, wedding planners, and piano tuners. What a delight to receive an email from them saying the service was now free-of-charge, I truly thought I was reading it wrong! Yep, Angie’s List has gone the way of Craig and his list.

8 hours ago

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Video: Man Rescues Baby Deer in Texas Lake

When Jeff Parker and friends were enjoying at day at Lake Buchanan in Central Texas, they came upon an unexpected spotted creature in the water. A little Bambi struggling to stay afloat.

9 hours ago

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Man Captures Video of Lightning Striking Empire State Building

Ominous skies over Manhattan yesterday — and this footage is something out of a movie!

10 hours ago

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Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon Meet with Therapist to Help End Their Long Feud

Hopefully they can work it out! Last night the two attempt to end their longstanding fake feud by visiting a couples counselor. Kimmel accuses Damon of stalking him, and Damon admits he just wants to be on the show.

10 hours ago

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Keshia Knight Pulliam to Divorce after 7 Months of Marriage

The couple married on January 1 and Keshia is expecting their first child. Reports say her husband Ed Hartwell has filed for divorce.

10 hours ago


Hitting The Snooze Button In The Morning Is Actually Bad For You!

I don’t think I know one person who actually loves their morning alarm clock going off. What part of that loud pinging noise is fun? Here’s another reason to “dislike.”

11 hours ago


Here Is Everything Being Added To Netflix For August

We all love hanging out at home and watching Netflix right? Here is everything being added and taken away for the month of August. We can’t wait to sit down and watch some of these. Not going to lie, I have a soft spot for Big Daddy!

11 hours ago

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Cockroach Milk Could Be The Superfood Of The Future!

This grosses us out just thinking about it.

11 hours ago

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Denton Police Replace Teen’s ‘Back the Blue’ Lemonade Stand

A 14-year-old Denton girl decided she wanted to raise money for the families of the fallen officers in the recent shooting in Dallas And Baton Rouge. Mia Cagle set up a lemonade stand and was doing great, until she decided to take a little break.

11 hours ago


Marni Nixon, Voice Behind ‘West Side Story’ and ‘My Fair Lady,’ Has Died

I remember being told, years after wearing-out the West Side Story movie soundtrack as a child, that Natalie Wood did not do the singing as Maria. Nor did Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady as Eliza. Their voices were ‘dubbed’ – a word I didn’t yet understand. I was stunned: the compelling voice singing those iconic songs belonged to a woman named Marni Nixon. She passed away yesterday at 86 due to complications from breast cancer.



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