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The Shark Advice Lady Is Awesome

Over the last few weeks there’ve been six shark attacks along the Carolina coast. That’s almost as many as there were in that area for all of last year. Despite perception, only about 6 people […]


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Dad Pays Daughter To Quit Facebook

More and more people are becoming addicted to Facebook. One girl and her father have planned to attack this addiction with money. Digital Trends is reporting that Rachel and Paul Baier from Wellesley, Massachusetts have […]


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Luckiest Couple Ever Wins Lottery Twice In One Weekend

An Arkansas couple struck it big over the weekend. They set out on a fishing trip, and caught two winning lottery tickets. The Huffington Post is reporting that Stephen and Terri Weaver decided to take […]


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After The Government Declines, Project To Build The Death Star Lands On Kickstarter

A few weeks ago, someone submitted a petition to the US government to build a Death Star. The government turned them down. Now that the government has foolishly declined to move forward with the project, […]


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Most Hated Sports Figures

Who do you hate in sports? See Forbes list of the most hated athletes in America.


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Titus The Two Year Trick Shot King

Sometimes we head to the park for a little pick up basketball. Sometimes no one is there and we just shoot around by our selves. Most of the time we don’t make many shots. Not […]


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U.S. Postal Service To Stop Delivering Mail On Saturday

Be it rain, sleet, snow or any other phenomenon the United States Postal Service will deliver. Just no longer on the weekend. The USPS announced Wednesday that it will no long deliver mail on Saturdays […]



Bacon Cotton Candy Taste Test

KLUV got it’s hands on a little bacon cotton candy that they will be selling at Texas Motor Speedway this season. So we did the only logical thing. Shot a video of everyone in the […]


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KLUV’s DJ’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Everyone watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, but we know most people care more about the ads then the game. So we asked our on-air personalities what commercial caught their eye the most. Here is […]


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Barbra Streisand Returns To Oscar Stage After 36 Years

It’s so nice to see Barbra Streisand back where she belongs: the Oscar stage. After 36 years, Babs will grace the Academy Awards stage for a special performance. No word yet on what that will […]