Amy Winehouse

Ha! Now, that's funny! (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Rebekah’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Ariana Grande’s Donut Licking Gives The Business A Boost

I’m now sporting a record of 360-10. Today features me (Rebekah) VS Tony! Tony and I tied, both getting 3 out of 5 questions right. 1. She’s going to keep doing Fashion Police and Live […]


The Biebs couldn't handle Rihanna! (Photo by MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Rihanna & Justin Bieber?!?!?!?

Mike Evans, the Hollywood Insider, has the scoop on just about everything “Hollywood”!

In today’s report…


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Jukebox Jury: Should Artists’ Careers Continue After Death?

Welcome to Jukebox Jury, our new music debate show where experts face off and a jury of fans decides the winner. THE CASE: When our musical idols passed away in generations past, they left behind […]


Cast of Glee (Joe Viles/FOX)

Is Glee Predicting Musicians’ Deaths Like A “Musical Nostradamus”?

For three seasons, Glee has been putting its spin on current hit singles and classic songs. The show has connected fans to music they may never have heard before. But it also has an eerie […]


Artist Peter Blake Reopens The Holburne Museum

Peter Blake Creates New Sgt. Pepper Cover To Celebrate 80th Birthday

Sir Peter Blake, the artist of The Beatles‘ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, has recreated the iconic album cover.


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GRAMMY’s Best New Artists — Where Are They Now

The Best New Artist category is often the first the general public hears about the new kids on the block shaking up the music charts. Looking back through a few of the more recent past […]


Is there anything Kathy's boyfriend can't do???

George Clooney Does It All!!!

Mike Evans, the Hollywood Insider, has the scoop on just about everything “Hollywood”! In today’s report…What happened to the Cowboys last night??? Jim Carey has been calling Jenny McCarthy trying to rekindle the romance! Ryan […]


Mike Evans broke the news to us first!!!

Black Eyed Peas Are Breaking Up!!!

Mike Evans, the Hollywood Insider, has the scoop on just about everything “Hollywood”! In today’s report…How ’bout them Cowboys??? Authorities will charge Jerry Sandusky with more counts!!! Lindsay Lohan tried to hook up with Prince […]


Tony Bennett

New ‘Duets’ Album From Tony Bennett, Feat. Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and More!

Duets II marks [lastfm]Tony Bennett[/lastfm]’s 60th album. That’s more than most musicians will ever record in their lifetime, and probably a larger number than the combined ages of his guests. (O.K., that is a slight […]


Who Has Matching Tattoos?

  Mike Evans, The Hollywood Insider has the inside scoop on just about everything “Hollywood”!   In today’s report…Movie Update: The Lone Ranger…things are getting ugly, budget cuts, and a lot of reminders to Disney […]