Seth MacFarlane Heads Back To Fox With The OrvilleThe TV networks are coming out with their new fall lineups. Some shows are getting cancelled. And they’re getting replaced with new ones.
10 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The TestThe Crazy Russian Hacker is back with more handy household tips. This time, he’s testing 10 different simple household gadgets that you might have seen on TV. He tries them so you don’t have to.
Famous Movie Scenes That Weren't In The ScriptSome of the most famous scenes in the movies, never appeared in the script. They are 100% ad-libbed. So good in fact, they were kept in the final cut of the film.
La La Land Gets An Honest Trailer...Errr, We Mean MoonlightIt’s time for another Honest Trailer.
What's Better? The $7 Secret Menu VS The $2,500 Secret MenuEver heard of a secret menu? The trend kind of started with In ‘N Out burger, because so many people know the secret things you ask for to get certain kinds of items that aren’t on the menu.
What If High School & College Textbooks Were Honest?If you've ever put a kid through college, then you know how expensive textbooks can be.
Star Wars: Rouge One Gets An Honest TrailerStar Wars Rogue One just came out on DVD and BluRay this week. So what better way to celebrate than with an Honest Trailer!
Jimmy Kimmel Blasts United Airlines, Makes A New Promo Commercial For The AirlineUnited Airlines is hearing it from all sides after that epic-fail on the Chicago/Louisville flight where the cops had to drag off one passenger. He paid for his ticket, but got randomly picked to be forced to miss his flight.
Pentatonix Covers Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"Arlington's own Pentatonix is back with yet another smash hit.
Dude Perfect's Latest Viral Video...Ping Pong Challenge 3The dudes from Dude Perfect are back at it again with over twenty million views in less than four days.
What's Better? $1 Ice Cream VS $1,000 Ice CreamThese Buzzfeed videos are super hot. They get millions of views in just a few hours. What they do is taste test different foods at different price points.
Check Out The First Official Trailer For War For The Planet Of The ApesThis is the time of year when movie trailers go viral to promote the summer blockbuster season.

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