The Avengers React To The Justice League TrailerWell, it only took a few days for The Avengers to respond to the new Justice League trailer.
What If Grocery Store Commercials Were Honest?Everyone has a favorite grocery store. Could be a Walmart or a Target or a Tom Thumb/Kroger/or Albertsons.
Selena Gomez Answers 73 Questions With Vanity FairSelena Gomez might be from DFW, but most people don’t know much about her other than her music or her time spent on the Disney channel. She's been somewhat open about her struggle with lupus, but overall it's pretty clear she likes her privacy.
Domino's "Ferris Bueller" Commercial Is Super Bowl WorthyWe always hear about how creative companies want to go when they make their Super Bowl commercials. Sometimes, they blow our minds. Other times, they’re just MEH at best.
Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?Finally we have an answer to the age old question...are boys smarter than girls?
What Happens When Health Food Nuts Try Some Deep Fried Deliciousness?Ok, health foodies...relax! One day of junk food isn't going to kill you! Or is it!
50 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your MindWho's ready for some fun facts?
Singer Perfected The Art Of Singer One Syllable OffIt almost hurts your ears when a singer is singing in the wrong key. Or that singer is a little flat. Like Randy Jackson used to say on American Idol, “That sounds pitchy, dog.”
Netflix Drops The Last Official Trailer For Marvel's Iron FistNetflix is smart for a number of different reasons. However their recent interest in Marvel might be the best move they've ever made. Recognizing there's a demand for more superhero TV show than ever, Netflix capitalized on the movement with shows like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.
Dude Perfect Is Back For Epic Trick Shots: Battle 3Wouldn't it be nice to just make fun videos for YouTube all day long! And make money doing! Yeah, that's what the guys at Dude Perfect do all the time.
Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory Gets An Honest TrailerIt's a safe bet that the majority of people have seen Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. No, not that terrible remake with Johnny Depp. We're talking about the original, with Gene Wilder. The one with that insane LSD moment in the tunnel.
What If Toothpaste Commercials Were Honest?Every morning and every evening, we’re supposed to brush our teeth. It's a rule that has been ingrained in our brains since childhood.

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