Star Trek: Next Generation Gets An Honest Trailer30 years ago, we got meet a whole new cast of the Starship Enterprise. That happened 20 years after the original show had ended.
Watch The Princess Bride In Autotune!The Princess Bride turns 30 years old this year. Movie theaters will be packed with people when they hold special screenings all across the country.
Watch The Aurora Borealis From Space!The Aurora Borealis is one of those natural phenomena that shows the beauty of the Earth.
A $139 Plane Seat VS A $24,000 Plane SeatWhat is it about us that we’re so curious about watching other people eat stuff, or do stuff anywhere in the world.
10 Reasons NOT To Buy The iPhone XYou can now pre-order the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.
The Floor Is LavaIn a world…
People Willingly Gave Jimmy Kimmel Their PasswordsIt’s a video that shows that people aren’t always the smartest tools in the shed.
What Happens When "Adam Ruins Everything" Is Wrong?Adam Conover loves to ruin things. And he’s making a cottage industry out of proving how things are wrong.
Vogue's 73 Questions With Cindy CrawfordSlim pickin’s today.
Someone Dubbed Over The Angry Squeaking Frog With Owen Wilson Saying "Wow"Last week, we had the Owen Wilson Wow Lightsaber Battle from Star Wars.
23 Life Hacks That Will Cost You Less Than A DollarThere's nothing like taking a shortcut in life, especially when it won't cost you a lot of money.
Colorblind Man Sees Color For The First Time With Enchroma GlassesImagine never knowing what "blue" looks like. Or needing to describe to you what "pink" is. Or the green of the trees.

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