The Dallas Stars Win Their First Playoff Series Since 2008!First, one more huge reason to love Dirk Nowitzki - and appreciate him while we have him.
Dirk Nowitzki Joins 37-40 ClubDirk may be considered "old" for his profession, but he's still got game!
Dirk Nowitzki Is Getting His Own Burger At The AACYou know you've "made it" when food gets named after you.
Is It Dirk Nowitzki Or Lurch?
Jody: Dirk Nowitzki
Jody: Looks Like I'll Be At Bat One Last Time...
It's Mavericks -vs- Rockets in Play-offsWe've known for a while that the Mavs were the 7th seed, but didn't know who their first victim would be. Now we do.
David: Dirk Nowitzki Shouldn't Sing, But We Love It When He Does!!!
Dirk...Maverick For Life! We get to keep Dirk around in a Mavs uniform for the next three years.
Jody Almost Killed An Umpire The word "fun" doesn't begin to describe Saturday night at Dirk Nowitzki's "Heroes" Celebrity All-Star Baseball Game.
Is Jody Dean Ready For Some Baseball? Dirk Nowitzki, for whatever reason, asked Jody to play in his Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. Now the real question is...can Jody's body handle it?
Jody's Playing In Dirk's Heroes Celebrity Baseball GameSomehow we missed Dirk Nowitzki on Tuesday, but we were able to find him this morning!!!

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