What Was Your Favorite Story Of The Week?Three randomly selected stories, all of which we talked about on the air this week. Which one is your choice for Story of the Week?
Dog Saves A Baby Deer From DrowningOver the weekend, Mark Freeley was walking his dog. Strolling next to New York's Long Island Sound, Freeley's dog Storm spotted something in the water and dove in.
Lucky Whitehead's Dog Returns Home Safe And SoundScary moment for Cowboys Wide Receiver Lucky Whitehead after his dog, Blitz, was apparently stolen and being held for a $20,000 ransom.
Adorable Dog Rides Her Horse Around Texas FarmMaizey is a 10-year-old yellow retriever from Boerne, Texas, and she has a knack for the cowpoke life.
Family Finds Their Dog Daisy After Car Accident In PlanoA week ago, Trenton Ray and Erica Cruz had a bad wreck at North Central and the Bush Turnpike. Both were seriously injured, and in the confusion their dog Daisy disappeared.
This Dog Really Enjoys Classical MusicNothing to see here, just a dog trying to get his classical music on.
Our Cats and Dogs Are Getting FatterHow to keep our pets around longer? Keep them at their ideal weight.
Woman Dresses The Dog Like A Baby To Sneak Him Into The Hospital To Visit GrandmaWe would do anything for our grandparents! Especially when they're sick and stuck in the hospital.
Most Adorable Jon Snow Cosplayer Ever!We are a little over a month away from the season premiere of Game of Thrones.It is perhaps the most anticipated show of the summer. We're preparing for an all out war among the seven kingdoms.
Just A Dog Getting His Summer Workout OnWorkout goals right here!
What Your Dog's Guilty Look MeansA biologist with the City University of New York has a theory that could explain that expression on the face of our beloved canines.
Woman Cuts Holes In The Fence So Her Neighbor's Dog Can Get A Better ViewMeet the cutest nosy neighbor on Earth! Her name is Penny, A German Shepherd, who is infatuated with her neighbor! So much so, that every day she would get caught looking through the cracks of the fence.

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