Bedford Mom Hilariously Mistakes Toys For DrugsIt's every mother's worst nightmare, finding your child's drugs in the house. That is exactly what 16-year-old Ashley Banks' mother thought had happened after her daughter asked her to look for a calculator in her room.
Prince's Death Caused By Drug Cocktail?Almost a month after the famed icon's death, a lethal combination of drugs is the current speculation for the cause of Prince's death TMZ reports. Authorities believe a combination of Percocet and Buprenorphine potentially could be the mixture that prematurely ended the singer's life.
Jodie Sweetin Opens Up About Her Drug Abuse On DWTSCelebrity or not, it's always great to see someone turn their life around.
Stoner Cat Is Having The Greatest High Of His Life!Catnip is a helluva drug.
Matthew Perry Says He "Can't Remember Three Friends Seasons"Oh, this made me sad. Matthew Perry had the good fortune and great talent of being on such a beloved show, Friends, but due to alcohol and prescription drug problems… doesn’t recall about a third of its ten-year run!
Elizabeth Taylor Used To Run A Secret Network To Get Drugs To HIV PatientsWe had no clue that Elizabeth Taylor used to smuggle drugs to AIDS patients back in the day.
Naked Woman Destroys A Subway Restaurant In AlaskaThe unidentified woman was apparently under the effects of synthetic marijuana, also known as “spice” or K2.
Drugs Found In Lamar Odom’s System, Has Possible Brain Damage
Woman Uses The Bible To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison
Drug Testing Is Coming To Video Game Competitions
Monica Lewinsky Makes Bill Clinton's Portrait
West Tawakoni Was Letting Me "Borrow" Their Car

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