Drunk Girls With Puppies
A Couple Of Drunks Stole A Circus Llama
Tim McGraw Saw A Drunk Guy Hit A Girl At His Concert And Stopped The Entire Show!We love Tim McGraw, and this makes us love him even more.
Robin Thicke Admits To Being "High And Drunk" For Every Interview In 2013Well this is quite the admission!
Olivia Wilde Admits To Getting Hammered On The Set Of "Drinking Buddies"
Drink. Drive. Periscope. Go To Jail.
Drunken Bender Ends With A Man In A Mascot Costume In Jail
Jessica Simpson's Odd Behavior Questioned by HSN Viewers (VIDEO)Trending on Twitter last night: Jessica Simpson on HSN.
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Donald Trump Does His Own Hair!
Adults Get Drunk For The First Time!
The Four Types Of Drunk PersonalitiesPsychologists at the University of Missouri discovered there are four unique types of drunk people, and to my surprise those types aren’t… the flirt, the pucker, the fighter and the one that falls asleep.
Trespassing, Nakedness, & Hanging Out With Pigs Is No Way To Go Through Life!

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