Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Creates Jarvis, An Artificial Intelligence For His Home.And it's voiced by Morgan Freeman!
Facebook's Top 10 Trending Topics From 2016Here’s a very accurate picture of exactly what we’ve been thinking about and talking about this year – at least on Facebook.
Renegade Task Force Formed at Facebook to Battle Fake NewsA group of employees have formed an unofficial task force in response to the controversy that fake news on Facebook may have influenced the presidential election.
Did Facebook Kill You Off On Friday?That's a legitimate question after the social network declared a portion of its 1.7 billion users dead, including founder Mark Zuckerberg, with tribute messages on their pages.
Facebook Provides FREE Seminar Today For Small Business OwnersFacebook’s “Boost Your Business” bus will be at...
Study Finds Facebook Users Click on Less Credible StoriesAccording to a new study, people who get their news from Facebook are at an increased risk of being misled.
Research Indicates Using Facebook Can Improve Your LifeWho says using Facebook is a waste of time?
Things You Should Never Post on FacebookHere’s a list from Cheatsheet.com. It’ll make you laugh and wonder if you’ve ever posted such things!
Val Kilmer Says He Doesn't Have CancerYou may have heard numerous reports this week that Val Kilmer has cancer. According to Kilmer's Ghost in the Darkness co-star Michael Douglas, things were looking pretty grim.
Pizza Hut To Pay 1 College Sports Fan To Attend and Social Media NCAA Championship Games For A YearImagine loving to watch college sports... and getting paid... to do so!?
Facebook Now Allows You to Endorse a Presidential CandidateAs if you didn’t know who our friends were voting for…
Social Media Is Ruining Vacations... some feel they must constantly post photos and comments about their vacation experience...

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