Survey: Political Facebook Posts Do Not Sway Our OpinionsA new survey shows that no matter how well you make your case, the minds of your friends are already made-up.
You Can Now Order Domino's Through Facebook With A Pizza Emoji!We can't wait to order a pizza now! This is AWESOME!
North Texas Man's Simple Message Going Viral (PHOTO)Maybe you’ve seen this on your commute? A Sign of the Times, born in DFW.
Viral Photo: Viewers Claim to See Victim's Spirit Leaving BodyA Kentucky man captured a chilling photo near the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident. It’s received thousands of shares. What do you see?
Put 98.7 KLUV Back In Your Facebook News FeedFacebook uses a complex algorithm to decide which posts users see in their news feeds, and that formula changed last week. According to the social media company, people should now be seeing more updates from their friends and family members and less information from media organizations like, well, us here at KLUV.
Mother's Post After Her Son With Down Syndrome Was Not Invited To Party Has Gone ViralJennifer Kiss-Engele learned that her son, Sawyer, who has Down Syndrome, was the only person in his class not invited to a Birthday party. Jennifer took to her Facebook page and wrote a message to the parents who excluded her son.
Millennials Are Hiring Consultants To Get More Instagram LikesIt's no secret, it feels good to get likes and retweets on social media. We all check facebook when that little phone ding goes off. However, things may be getting out of hand.
Download The Moments App Before Facebook Deletes Your Private PicsEverybody panic! Facebook is deleting your photos!
Plano Man Murders Girlfriend, Posts Photos To FacebookWhen police forced their way into Jennifer Streit-Spears' locked apartment after a disturbance call, they found her dead, after having been stabbed to death by her 45-year-old boyfriend, Kenneth Alan Amyx. Amyx was found with stab wounds and cuts himself, but after a trip to an area hospital doctors found the wounds were most likely self-inflicted.
How Facebook Affects Your Well BeingPrevention magazine says Facebook messes with our head in three primary ways.
Police Chief Gives Himself Ticket After Being Called Out On Facebook
What's Trending On Facebook Might Not Actually Be TrendingIs Facebook trying to push a left agenda on it's users?

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