Facebook Is Now Making It Easier To Deal With A BreakupLike breaking up isn't hard enough to do, now days you have to deal with the constant reminder of your failed relationship thanks to social media.
What's Your Favorite Facebook Word?Let's face it, we use Facebook all day every day. It's safe to say it's here to stay.
Facebook Is Introducing Disappearing MessagesAfter unsuccessfully trying to buy Snapchat, known for vanishing messages, Facebook is experimenting with the same practice.
President Obama (Finally) Gets A FB Page; Gives Backyard TourThe president said the same thing most of us did the first time we hopped on: “Hello Facebook! I finally got my very own page.” His ‘About’ page has other similarities to our normal friends (except for the last part) “Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States.”
Fewer Of Us Are Sharing on FacebookIt's getting harder and harder to accuse Facebook users of over-sharing, especially since a recent survey found that only 34% of Facebook users had updated their status in the last couple of week, a big drop from 50% during the same period last year.
Richard Gere Takes Over His Time Out Of Mind Costar's Facebook Page To Raise Awareness About Homelessness
Snapchat Makes You Happier Than FacebookThere’s no shortage of studies showing Facebook can induce sadness. Has to do with comparing oneself to others – a happiness zapper if ever there was. But this is interesting: Snapchat can cheer you up!
Facebook Is Testing Out Emotion Emojis
Facebook Adds New Features – Do You Like?The new ‘video profile’ is available for some users. Have you seen it?
Woman's Facebook Post Explains Why You Should Never Ask Why Someone Doesn't Have KidsWhen you are single there is nothing more annoying than someone asking when you are going to have kids.
Don't Worry! Facebook Doesn't Own What You Post!I'm sure you have seen the post saying Facebook is going to charge you to set your profile to private, and if you don't they own what you post.
Mom's Facebook Post Shows Why You Should Never Let A Stranger Kiss Your BabyDid you know if an infant gets a cold sore they could die? Their immune system can't fight it off at such a young age.
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