How Facebook Affects Your Well BeingPrevention magazine says Facebook messes with our head in three primary ways.
Police Chief Gives Himself Ticket After Being Called Out On Facebook
What's Trending On Facebook Might Not Actually Be TrendingIs Facebook trying to push a left agenda on it's users?
Mark Zuckerberg Rewards A Kid With $10,000 After He Hacked InstagramInstagram has been hacked!!!
Does Facebook Ruin Relationships? Half Surveyed Say Yes5000 Facebook users were asked asked how Facebook affects their relationships with a spouse or significant other and… the results are not good.
Facebook Is Adding A Ticketmaster FeatureIs there anything we can't do through Facebook? If keeping up with family and friends and video chat wasn't enough, Facebook is teaming up with Ticketmaster.
Personal Sharing on Facebook Has Dramatically DeclinedFacebookers shared 21% less personal information last year according to a website called The Information which napped some secret… information.
Facebook Upgrades LIVE Video Feature Today
Spending Time on Facebook at Work Costs Companies… Lots$s$s$!$900 billion in worker productivity is lost each year by people using Facebook while at work. And that number was calculated by assuming the people on Facebook are just earning minimum wage.
Rob Thomas Apologizes For Comment Onstage Seen as RacistThomas said he cried after learning why he was booed in Australia for a comment that seemed to link alcohol to Australian Aborigines.
Barry Manilow -- Out of Surgery!What a relief. Barry Manilow was taken to an L.A. hospital due to complications from oral surgery. That sounds awful! But his people posted an good news update on Facebook today
Picture Of A Six Year Old McDonald's Happy Meal That's Unspoiled Is Going ViralJennifer Lovdahl, a chiropractor from Alaska, posted to Facebook a photo showing a McDonald’s Happy Meal box with receipt from Jan. 8, 2010, and another showing unspoiled chicken nuggets and fries.

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