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Yesterday’s Facebook and Instagram Outage

Did you too have problems posting on Facebook and Instagram yesterday? It started for me, at 4:52pm.  I was trying to post on Facebook about my Friday night concert experience with my girlfriend at The […]


You might be over-sharing! (Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)

Bragging About Warrants On Facebook Will Get You Arrested Every Time!

If you are going to commit a crime and get away with it successfully…DON’T BRAG ABOUT IT ON FACEBOOK!!!!! Eddie Smith of Mineral Wells took to facebook, bragging that he had 16 warrants out for […]


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David: Order The Facebook Now!

Remember when Facebook was The Facebook? In case you’ve forgotton, I will invite you to revisit The Social Network movie. Imagine this…a TV commercial for The Facebook. It’s set in 1995, not 2015. It’s done […]


They look like BFFs! (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Jody: The President, The Pope, & The Onion

The president’s annual address to Congress is tonight, which means some of your shows will be on later than usual. Speaking of Congress, guess who’s coming to dinner? It looks like the Pope will address […]


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Jenny Q: Facebook Reunites Cherished Ring With Family

Imagine finding a ring inside a used car you just purchased with five names engraved on it. It’s so unique and personal, you’d probably do all you could to find the owner. Proof that Facebook is not just a waste of a time!


Plenty of people have plenty of opinions on Ferguson, but how many are qualified to have them? Photo from GettyImages

They Walk Among Us: #Ferguson & A Dopey Criminal

This week, Jody nominates a host of very opinionated Facebook users who decided they were legal experts in the Ferguson case. David has a strong contender in the man who was caught with drugs after […]

98.7 KLUV–11/25/2014

OMG! I love them!!!

Rebekah: I Got Sucked Into A Jamberry Party

Do y’all have one of those friends on facebook who sells everything? Like Advocare or 31? My friend CaLisa, who I love to death, literally sells everything. Every weekend she’s having a party for something […]


Of course duck face made the list! (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

David: Top 12 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Facebook

Thought Catalog has compiled a list of a dozen things that you shouldn’t let your friends do on social media. Here they are… 1. Selfies – tell that to James Franco. 2. Rants 3.The details […]


My mom had no idea it was even happening. (Photo by KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Jenny Q: Don’t Post These Things on FB

At first I thought this was an article about never cussing or complaining about your job on Facebook – or showing photos of yourself having one marg too many! Actually, these are safety tips we’ve probably heard before but are a good reminder.


Let's Go Cowboys!!! (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Jenny Q: Red States, Blue States Re: NFL Fandom

I ran across a color-coded map of the most ‘liked’ NFL teams based on Facebook . Our Cowboys (they’re ‘our’ Cowboys again, not ‘the’ Cowboys) take a predictable swatch of Texas and neighboring states but since the map is dated September 5th… I’m thinking that swatch would expand by Dez Bryant leaps & bounds since ‘we’re’ (not ‘they’re’) 6 & 1.




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