Sinéad O'Connor Claims To Be "Safe" And "Surrounded By Loved Ones" After Posting Disturbing Video On FacebookLast week, Sinéad O'Connor posted a rather troubling 12-minute video on her Facebook page documenting her battles with three different mental illnesses.  
Police Respond To Calls Of Cat In Tree That Appears To Be Holding Assault RiflePolice in Newport, Oregon responded to a panicked call from a resident who believed they saw a cat perched on a tree branch holding some sort of assault rifle.
Facebook Did NOT Shut Down It's AI Program After They Developed Their Own LanguageEverybody panic! Facebook shut down it's artificial intelligence robots after they developed their own language.
The Top 10 Social Media SinsDo you have any friends or family members who commit social media sins? Perhaps you're guilty of a few of these offenses? If you've noticed a recent decline in Facebook friends, it moight be a good idea to look over this list.
Facebook Now Has 2 Billion Monthly Users!Facebook has DOUBLED it's users, since Oct. 2012.
As Facebook Hits 2 Billion Users; Mark Zuckerberg Compares it to ChurchAh, remember when Facebook just had one billion users. That’s so 2012. Facebooks numbers have doubled in five years and it also has a new mission statement.
3/4 Of Us Don't Want To See Vacation Pics on FacebookWhat do you mean no one cares about my trip to Padre?
Facebook Is Looking To Produce Scripted TV ShowsIs Facebook planning on taking down Netflix?
Google's NEW Job Search Aims To Make Looking For One Easier
Jennifer Garner Calls Out People Magazine for Unauthorized Cover StoryThe People cover features a photo of the actress with the headline "Jennifer Garner: Life After Heartbreak."
Mom Declares Her 10-Year-Old Is "Done With Homework" After Watching Her Become "Junior Workaholic"Bunmi Laditan was tired of seeing her 10-year-old daughter become so stressed over homework.
Thailand Is Threatening To Sue Facebook Over Footage Of Their King In A Crop TopNo good can ever come from wearing a crop top, especially if you're the King of Thailand.

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