Facebook Is Looking To Produce Scripted TV ShowsIs Facebook planning on taking down Netflix?
Google's NEW Job Search Aims To Make Looking For One Easier
Jennifer Garner Calls Out People Magazine for Unauthorized Cover StoryThe People cover features a photo of the actress with the headline "Jennifer Garner: Life After Heartbreak."
Mom Declares Her 10-Year-Old Is "Done With Homework" After Watching Her Become "Junior Workaholic"Bunmi Laditan was tired of seeing her 10-year-old daughter become so stressed over homework.
Thailand Is Threatening To Sue Facebook Over Footage Of Their King In A Crop TopNo good can ever come from wearing a crop top, especially if you're the King of Thailand.
Facebook As Addictive as Cigarettes and Chocolate, New Study SaysDid you find this story via Facebook? That’s not surprising.
Summer Internships: See Which Companies Pay The Best!Last year's college interns earned an average of $16.28 per hour/$2,600 per month
Facebook Reportedly Knows When We're Anxious, And Targets Ads To Us AccordinglyWe all know websites gather up data or cookies from us every time we go online, and then provide ads that might cater to our interests or needs, but is there a point when any of these websites go too far?
Facebook's '10 Concerts' Meme Could be a Threat to Your PasswordThis meme was all over Facebook last week. Maybe you participated by asking friends to figure out which of ten concerts you didn’t really attend, often accompanied by a note about the first concert you ever saw. Sounds simple but… there could be a problem.
Will Google Glass Replace Smartphones? Facebook Says YesGoogle Glass was launched in 2013 and was an utter failure. In fact Fox named it it one of the 5 worst tech products of all time. However according to Facebook, Augmented Reality Glass may make a comeback.
The Social Network Gets An Honest TrailerThe Screen Junkies have been busy! That's right, the guys are back to give The Social Network an Honest Trailer!
Facebook Wants To Use Your Brainwaves To Type WordsDuring a recent appearance at a technology conference, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wants to start tapping into human brainwaves to update his social network.

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