He was a Seahawks fans last year! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Lord Loves Football

Super Bowl is less than a week away. A new study says 1 in 4 people in this country think that God plays a role in figuring out which team will win a Super Bowl […]

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WrestleMania Coming To AT&T Stadium In 2016

it was announced early Tuesday morning that WrestleMania will be coming to AT&T Stadium in April


Super Bowl XLVI - Preview

Jenny Q: Patriots Accused of Cheating — Well There’s a First!

They’re calling it ‘Deflate-gate.’ Did the Patriots use under-inflated footballs during yesterday’s pummeling of the Colts? Reports say that midway through the game, a ball was taken off the field and out of circulation. The […]


Bob Newhart (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Top 5 Bob Newhart Moments in Showbiz

With legendary comic Bob Newhart appearing during last night’s College Football Playoff Championship, we figured it’s a good time to look back on five of Newhart’s classic moments in showbiz.


Ugggg. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

Jody: I Need A Break From Football

Please dear Lord in heaven, do not strike me dead for thinking that! I really might get hit by lightning, but I think I need a break from football. After that heartbreaking Dallas Cowboys loss […]


Yeah! Girl power! (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Rebekah: There Are Real Girls Who Play Football

Bella and the Bulldogs is now on my DVR. Why? Because it’s a bout a girl who plays football!!! It’s about dang time! I mean we’ve had some other role models like Rudy from The […]


Just get over it already! (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

David: Life Just Isn’t Fair. Now Get Over It Detroit!

You know I just don’t think we’ve heard enough griping about the refs from this past Sunday’s playoff game against the Lions. Oh wait we haven’t? Ok, here’s some more and this time it comes […]


C'mon boys! (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Jody: Jerry Jones Is “Dreaming Of The Playyyyyy-ooooooffs”

Hey KLUVers we’re writing a song! All we need is lyrics and the tune. The subject…your Dallas Cowboys! The idea is you give us the lyrics, we’ll pick the tune, and then we’ll let the […]


(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Jody: UAB Tight End Tristan Henderson Let’s President Watts Have It!

If you haven’t heard, The University of Alabama Birmingham killed its football program this week, even though the school is bowl eligible this season. UAB President Ray Watts said they crunched the numbers, but never […]


It was a tough loss for the Cowboys. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Jody: All I Did For Thanksgiving Is Watch Football!

Thank God we had that weekend of football to wipe away the memory of the Cowboys-Eagles. Besides the fact that TCU will probably be in the Playoff Four when it’s announced, Allen and Trinity are […]




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