There Is A Pole Dancing Convention Coming To DFW In JuneGood news for all your pole dancing enthusiast out there!
Fort Worth Named One of the Best Burger Cities in AmericaIn Texas, everything is bigger and everything is better .... even our burgers!
The 10 Best Dallas/Fort Worth Dive Bars To Check Out!When you think of "dive bar," you think whole-in-the-wall, dirty and run down. Well this is not the case for 10 local pubs that have their own style and flavor. With the title dive bar, they boast cheap drinks, fun food and friendly staffs. Check out the top 10.
Ft. Worth Police Officer Shot 7 Times Remains in ICUMatt Pearce remains in critical condition. The Ft. Worth police officer was shot seven times – with bullets hitting his cheek, arm, chest and leg, according to a GoFundMe page set up for Pearce and his family. His injuries include a fractured femur and bruised heart.
Don't Mess With The Fort Worth StockyardsBig changes are coming to the Fort Worth Stockyards, and a bunch of people are increasingly nervous about the direction those changes are headed.
Update: Pepper Sprayed Bikers Were Doing Wheelies While Passing PoliceChances are pretty good that most folks have seen the video of the Fort Worth police officer pepper spraying a passing group of motorcyclists.
Fort Worth Police Officer Allegedly Maced BikersWell, this is the last thing you want to hear about, especially when it's coming from someone who is supposed to protect you.
The 5 @ 825: The Dallas Library Has A Copy Of The Declaration Of IndependenceWinner, winner, chicken dinner! We got a hot one today! Congrats to LeDaine for getting all 5 questions right!
These Six Signs Prove You're From DFW!If you are from the Dallas Fort Worth area you are very familiar with these six things. Do you remember the Red Bird Mall?
The Zika Virus Is Now An STDThe very first case of sexually transmitted Zika virus has arrived and it's right here in Texas.
7 Things DFW Does Better Than Anyone ElseLets be honest, we do a lot of things really good here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
10 Worst Cities For Fitness: Two Are In DFW!A website called released a list of the 10 Most Fit and 10 Least Fit Cities in the U.S. Unfortunately, the three Texas towns that made the cut are all on the on the naughty list. Two of them are in our metroplex.

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