Carnival Is NOT Offering Up Free Cruises For Hurricane Harvey & Irma Victims, It's A Terrible Facebook PrankWhat a sick ans twisted sense of humor! There has be something seriously wrong with you to go after hurricane victims.
Sorry, The Pic Of Donald Trump Rescuing 2 Cats In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey Is FakeWe have yet another fake photo that has surfaced from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. You may have seen a photograph floating around of the President of the Untied States carrying two scared cats through the flood waters of Houston.
Lewisville Best Western Donates All Their Old Furniture To Hurricane Harvey VictimsBig props to a hotel in Lewisville.
'Hand in Hand' Telethon Raises $44 Million for Hurricane ReliefLast night's benefit aired on dozens of networks and streaming services and recruited the world's biggest stars to raise money.
Students At Wylie HS Are Collecting Donations & Writing Letters To Rockport-Fulton HS, Which Was Hit By Hurricane HarveyStudents at Wylie High School are reaching out to the kids at Rockport-Fulton High School.
Texas Attorney General Files Hurricane Harvey Price Gouging Suit Against DFW Gas Station Owner
Meet The Couple Married For 75 Years Who Both Share A Name With Devastating Hurricanes Harvey And IrmaHarvey and Irma Schluter have been married for 75 years.
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Damage Estimated In The BillionsHurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are reportedly the 1st pair of Category 4 or higher storms to hit the U.S. mainland in the same season
Beyoncé Spent The Weekend Helping The Victims Of Hurricane HarveyYou may already know this, but Beyoncé is one of our own. Ok, ok, DFW adjacent. Queen Bey is from Houston. While she may not live there now, her heart still belongs to Texas.
Former Presidents Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, W., & Obama Come Together To Aid The Victims Of Hurricane HarveyOne thing we know for sure, helping other people in a time of need has no political side. It's one of the few times Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians can all come together, put the politics aside, and do some good.
Houston Cop Helps Through Hurricane Harvey While Battling Stage 4 CancerWe've heard a lot of amazing stories out of Hurricane Harvey, but few quite like this one. Maybe none.
Large Alligator Takes Up Residence In Flood Damaged Houston Area HomeWhen Brian Foster returned to his flood damaged home, he found a squatter, underneath his dining room table.

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