IKEA Recreates Game Of Thrones "Iron Throne" With A Toilet & Toilet BrushesIt's no secret, the toilet is the ultimate throne. So, why not celebrate that Game of Thrones style!
IKEA Reducing Furniture Assembly Time By 80%!
IKEA Proposes Plan To Open New Location In Fort WorthIt would be DFW's third location, after Frisco and Grand Prairie, and Texas' sixth overall.
IKEA Breaks Ground Today In Grand PrairieIKEA broke ground at 10:30am today in Grand Prairie with the biggest new retail project in that area since Grand Prairie Premium Outlet opened in 2012
These Two Guys Spent The Night In An IKEA And Didn't Get Caught!These two guys decided to spend the night at IKEA, and it's kind of awesome. They hid until the music stopped playing, and then had some fun.
IKEA Recalling Chests and Dressers Due To Death Of (6) ChildrenAfter the deaths of (6) children, IKEA is recalling 29,000,000...
Ryan Reynolds vs. an IKEA Baby Crib!
VIDEO: Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Puns At IKEAPoor Dana. She had to endure some pretty horrible puns from her boyfriend, Simon, one very long afternoon at Ikea, but the resulting video is internet gold.
The Couple Who Builds IKEA Furniture Together...Oh, this made me laugh. My mate can build or fix anything on the planet with great ease. If we collaborated on Ikea instructions for, say, a TV cabinet we'd divorce. And we're not even married.
Inexpensive IKEA Print Fools Art Lovers!
Do You Leave IKEA With More Than You Wanted?
Rebekah: IKEA Will Cause Divorce

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