Vogue's 73 Questions With Cindy CrawfordSlim pickin’s today.
Stephen Colbert Eats A Vegan Chicken Wing With A Hot Sauce Of 550,000 ScovillesHave you ever seen the YouTube show Hot Ones?
Blake Powers Interviews Eagles Legend Don FelderBlake Powers talked to Don Felder of The Eagles. In the interview they talked about his home in L.A., his upcoming solo album, being inducted into the musician's hall of fame in Nashville, and he also gives advice on playing guitar.
Harry Styles Confirms He Has 4 NipplesIt's true! It's true! Our favorite former One Direction star really does have four nipples!
Andy Serkis Reads Donald Trump's Tweets As Gollum From Lord Of The RingsPolitics aside, this is hilarious.
According To Reports, Kathy Griffin Was Interviewed By The Secret Service For Over An HourA little over a month ago, comedian Kathy Griffin found herself right in the middle of a presidential controversy. After taking a picture with a bloody beheaded Donald Trump, she was fired from CNN, berated by fans, and faced an investigation by the Secret Service.
John Lithgow On Beatriz At Dinner: No One Considers Themselves The Villain, They Just Consider Themselves RightJohn Lithgow just might be the greatest actor of all time. There is no role he can't handle. He's played everything from a loving father to a serial killer and now a somewhat racist billionaire in his new film Beatriz at Dinner.
Jerky Kid Responds To Reporter "Wouldn't You Like To Know Weather Boy"Not all kids are jerks, but occasionally one slips through the cracks.
Watch A HS Student Grow Up In 3 MinutesA dad committed to one thing with his daughter every year. He wanted to find out what Mackenzie thought about her first day of school.
Ben Falcone On Doing Movies With His Wife Melissa McCarthy: Until Somebody Tells Us We Have To Stop, We're Gonna Keep Doing ItBen Falcone may be most well-known as being the husband of actress Melissa McCarthy, however his own career shouldn't go unnoticed. He's an actor, a director, and author, and a great father to two beautiful girls, Georgette and Vivian.
Ice Cube Still Planning To Be A Guest On Bill Maher, Will Confront The N-Word Comment Head OnIt's the 25th Anniversary of Ice Cube's album "Death Certificate." With the release of the anniversary limited edition, Ice Cube has been making the rounds with the press. One of those interviews scheduled is on Real Time with Bill Maher.
Judge Reinhold Is Hosting "Totally 80s Month" On HDNet MoviesRaise your hand if you love the 80s! Keep it up if you love movies!

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