Tom Wopat On Watching The Dukes Of Hazzard Movie: It Would Be Like Watching Someone Date Your Ex-WifeIt's not every day that you get to meet a TV legend.
WWE's Sgt. Slaughter Puts Jody In The Cobra ClutchWhether you're a fan of wrestling or not, you probably know Sgt. Slaughter
Fred and Kim Goldman On The People VS O.J. Simpson: "We're Going To Keep An Eye Out For What's True And What Isn't"How close to the truth is the new FX series? Ask the family that lost a brother and son.
Josh Duhamel On Working With Anthony Hopkins & Al Pacino: It Was One Of The Coolest Experiences I've Had In This BusinessIt's probably not a surprise that Josh Duhamel started off as a model.
Martin Short: It's Not So Much About Needing To Cover The Rent...You Have A Greater Pressure To Cover Your Own Interests
The Cast Of Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life: When You Have Such A good Energy Around A Show, It Shows In The Product
Host Of Cake Wars Jonathan Bennett: The Pressure Of Television & Cameras In Their Face...Even The Best Baker Can Forget The Simplest ThingI am in the middle of a very serious relationship with the Food Network.
Comedian Jessimae Peluso On Stealing Jokes: There's Something Called Parallel ThinkingMan, this has been a crazy week of comedians for the show!
Jeff Foxworthy On The Idea Of Rooming With Larry the Cable Guy: Any Deal Where I'm The Model Of Maturity Is Not A Good DealThe Blue Collar boys are at it again, well, half of them anyway.
Stacey Dash Doesn't Think There Should Be A Black History Month!Stacey Dash was on Fox and Friends yesterday, and people are really upset about it.
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Cuba Gooding Jr. Passed On The Opportunity To Meet O.J. Simpson
Blake Powers' Interview With Carol BurnettShe was... and is... a television rule breaker!

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