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Superman Doesn’t Exactly Deny The Fifty Shades Darker Rumors!

If you thought the Fifty Shades of Grey book was bad, well, the movie was even worse! Why the movie is getting a sequel is beyond me! It was honestly some of the worst acting […]


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The Director of Sharknado 1,2, & 3 Anthony C.: We Made A Low Budget Film That Everyone Thought Would Kill Their Careers

It’s baaaaaacccckkkkkk. “Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No” is finally here! You loved the first…if you loved the second one, you’re going to really LOVE the third one in this epic trilogy!!! It airs tonight too!!! […]


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Sugar Ray & Sharknado’s Mark McGrath: Frosted Tips Kinda Became The Parachute Pants Of The 90’s

I mentioned on Facebook last night that today was going to be shark infested! Needless to say we know how to throw a Sharknado radio party! We kicked things off right with Sugar Ray’s Mark […]


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Heather Mills Has ‘Nothing Nice to Say’ About Paul McCartney

Paul’s ex-wife Heather was interviewed by The Guardian, and what she says about her ex will always make headlines.


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Rod Stewart Joins James Corden In Carpool Karaoke!!!

It’s the most entertaining sketch that James Corden does on the Late Late Show…Carpool Karaoke!!! It all started with Justin Bieber. Then Mariah Carey and Iggy Azalea joined the carpool club. And now Rod Stewart […]


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Rob Bell, Author Of The Bestselling Book, Love Wins: Our Common Humanity Trumps Whatever Differences Or Divisions We’ve Cooked Up

Rob Bell is one of the more provocative speakers in the world today, which is why I like him: he ticks off all the right people. Recently Rob and his wife appeared on Oprah’s Super […]


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Matthew & Gunnar Nelson: We Have The Guinness Book Of World Records For Longest Blonde Hair Ever Grown

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson are at Greenville’s historic Texan Theater this weekend, performing Ricky Nelson Remembered – the acclaimed tribute to their father. Ironically, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the awful plane crash […]


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The Shark Advice Lady Is Awesome

Over the last few weeks there’ve been six shark attacks along the Carolina coast. That’s almost as many as there were in that area for all of last year. Despite perception, only about 6 people […]


Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes on the Confederate Flag: ‘You Don’t Need a Symbol to Be Proud of Who You Are’

Born and raised in North Carolina, Haynes is a former member of the Allman Brothers Band and, yes, he has some feeling about the rebel flag.