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Will Apple Use Augmented Reality on iPhones?

Is Apple truly aiming to catch up to Google, Facebook and Microsoft? CNN reports earlier this week Apple (AAPL, Tech30) acquired German company Metaio, which develops augmented reality software for mobile devices, according to multiple […]


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iPhone Glitch Causing Phones To Shut Down

According to the Associated Press, Apple’s iPhone software… has a glitch, which was just recently found. Several tech blogs report this issue may occur when your phone receives a message with a specific string of […]


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What Happens When Your Belly Gets Caught In The Seat Belt?

Today is so exceptional…we have to They Walk Among Us stories for you! Yay Monday! First we have Clint Chadbourne, who is having some trouble with his seat belt. While on a road trip with […]


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Apple iOS 8.3 Update Makes You Smile More!

Feeling your iPhone doesn’t have enough different imojis?


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Your iPhone Is Now More Expressive — Emojis!

Do you use the same emojis again and again on the iPhone? I do — and it’s usually because it takes a while to flip through and find new ones. That has changed.


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David: I’ll Pass On The iPhone Watch

Apple made it official with the new iWatch. It’s supposed to pair up with your iPhone. Finally, there’s an Apple product that I won’t bother buying. I have never owned a watch and never will, […]


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Jody: We’ll Never See Madi Again

Thanks technology! So over the holidays, Fiona downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album for Madi – which I ended up listening to in my truck for about three days straight. Fortunately, I like the album. Then […]


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Jenny Q: iPhone 6 Selling Like (Electronic) Hotcakes

I finally laid my eyes on the new iPhone. It was in the hands of David Rancken (He was holding tight so I wouldn’t steal it) David said he switched from Android, though he’d had an iPhone in the past.


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David: Would You Want To Know Your Death Date?

You know how they say there’s an app for everything? Well, it’s true! A new app called Deadline claims it’s able to predict when you’re going to die. The app asks users for such things […]


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David: The iPhone Can Write Songs!

Sometimes I wonder where people get these ideas or how they come up with them! Jonathan Mann wrote a song with his iPhone. He uses nothing by the autocomplete. When you type a message on […]