Apple Takes Big Financial HitNow, for the first time in 10 years, Apple is experiencing what my father has told me since I was little, "What goes up, must come down".
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: David Hasselhoff Pays His Ex $21,000 A Month!I’m now sporting a record of 532-11. Today features me (Rebekah) VS Jesse!
Cookie Monster's iPhone Blooper Reel Is Better Than The CommercialBy now, we've all seen the iPhone commercial featuring a very impatient Cookie Monster. It's hilarious! however, the commercial's outtakes are even better!
Glitch Allows People To Access Your Photos On Your Locked iPhonePeople can access the pictures on your phone while it's locked. There is a small glitch that just pulls your pictures up.
Low Storage On Your iPhone? Try This Hack To Free Some Up.If you're anything like us you are constantly out of storage on iPhone from all the books, movies and photos.
SIRI Says "Sadness" = FirstEnergy Stadium of Cleveland OHCleveland OH iPhone Owners Receive "Sadness"
Rumor Has It The Next Gen iPhone Will Have An OLED ScreenThe iPhone 7 isn't even close to coming out yet, but it has somehow managed to make the news.
Couple Sell Their Newborn Online To Buy The Latest iPhoneWell these people certainly won't be winning any parent of the year trophies anytime soon.
Judge Rules The FBI Can't Force Apple To Unlock iPhonesApple CEO Tim Cook wasn't kidding about the government. It looks like they really are looking for access to all iPhones.
Do NOT Change The Date On Your iPhone To 1970We here at KLUV love the 70s just as much as everyone else does, but you definitely don't want your phone stuck there forever.
Attention iPhone & iPad Users, Crash Safari Will Kill Your Device & Force A RebootIf you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a prank website running right now that will cause your phone to crash.
If You Have These Apps On Your iPhone You're At Risk Of Having Your Data Stolen!Over 300 apps have been removed from the iTunes store this week due to a security breach.

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