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Dez Bryant Caught Throwing Punches At Training Camp

Everybody panic, Dez Bryant is back to his old tricks!!! Yeah, no, let’s not completely blow this out of proportion. Emotions are always high at training camp! Whether you get paid millions of dollars or […]

6 hours ago

Thankfully, no one was hurt! (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

NASCAR Driver, Brad Keselowski, Runs Over A Member Of His Pit Crew!!!

In NASCAR, pretty much anything can happen. You have ridiculously high speeds mixed with competitive people. Honestly, anything and everything bad could happen. Actually, it’s really quite surprising that more people on pit row don’t […]

7 hours ago

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Sister Pooh (The Shark Advice Lady) Is Back With Her Tips & Tricks For Teachers!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Sister Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate is back with another delightful video for your entertainment! In case you’ve forgotten, she went viral a few weeks ago with her infamous shark speech. The take home […]

98.7 KLUV–07/31/2015

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Jody: I Need Cellphones Ideas!

Yesterday afternoon, our very own Blake Powers posted a story on the web about how right now is great time to swap out your cellphone. I am about ready to finally get something new, but […]


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Ebola Survivor Kent Brantly: I Felt A Tremendous Amount Of Peace In The Midst Of That Difficult Situation

Exactly one year ago this week, Kent Brantly was diagnosed with Ebola. Little did we knew a week or so later, Dallas would experience something unlike anything else. We had Ebola right here in the […]


Canada? The Netherlands? Australia???

Where Are You Listening To KLUV???

Not all KLUV fans are from the DFW area. Actually, not only do we have a lot of listeners all over Texas, but we even have a few in other states, and in other countries! […]


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Do NOT Anger The Monkeys, I Repeat, Do NOT Anger The Monkeys!

Apparently, we have a theme this week! And it’s sooooo not appropriate for work or children! I guess you could say we have an infatuation with the bird! No, not actual birds…we mean the middle […]


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Not Everyone Is Happy About Their Tiny House Decision

Ever dream of moving into a tiny house? No, a really tiny house – as in, under 200 square feet. They aren’t all that small, but there are TV shows dedicated to the concept – […]


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Drug Testing Is Coming To Video Game Competitions

Okay, this might be the craziest story I’ve seen in a while. David mentioned it to me yesterday, but drug testing is coming to e-games. Among gamers, who just had a huge convention here in […]


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Jody Reviews: Pixar’s Inside Out

Madi and I got to see Inside Out while I was off for a few days, and I can’t recommend this film to parents highly enough. It covers some really serious subjects, like moving to […]