Check Out This 3D Scan Of The Columbia Command ModuleDo you remember your last long family driving vacation? Did things get a bit close after a couple of days in the car together? Please. That's nothing.
We've Found The Next Dallas Cowboy & He Comes In The Form Of A Rugby PlayerI think we've found someone Jerry Jones needs to look into.
NRH Police Department Creates The Blue Version Of Disturbed's "Sound Of Silence"The North Richland Hills Police Department has set some very jarring images and video to Disturbed's fantastic cover of "The Sounds of Silence". In a word, it's breathtaking.
Baton Rouge Officer Shared What It's Like To Be A Black Policeman 2 Weeks Before He Was KilledMore information is coming out in the aftermath of the attack on police officers in Baton Rouge over the weekend.
Police Officers Pay The Bill For Customers Who Refuse To Sit Next To ThemFour police officers in Homestead, Pennsylvania stopped to eat this week - when a couple at the next table got up and moved because they didn't want to sit next to the police.
Teen Playing Pokemon Go Finds A Dead BodyStarting off the week with three stories that'll make you question whether the fittest have really survived.
Happy 50th To The Slurpee!Today is July 11th, or more importantly, 7/11.
Pastor T.D. Jakes Assembled A Panel Called "Conversations With America" After The Dallas ShootingsSunday at Potter's House in Dallas may have been one of the more remarkable events on the heels of last week's tragedy in downtown Dallas.
White Settlement's Councilman Is Still Trying To Get Rid Of Browser The CatBrowser the Cat is back in the news.
John Cena Tells Us What The Average American Looks LikeWho is the "average American"?
The Dallas Street Choir Has Been Invited To Carnegie HallA few weeks ago we played a song performed by The Dallas Street Choir. Members meet every Wednesday morning at the Stewpot near downtown, and the group now numbers around 75.
Soldier Surprises Mom After Being Away For 4.5 YearsSomething awesome, just in time for the 4th of July.

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