Drone Captures Footage Of A Flash Flood Refilling Edwards AquiferMost Texans are probably familiar with the Edwards Aquifer - the vast underground reservoir that supplies Texas with much of its fresh water.
KLUV World Tour: Romancing ParisParis has gotten really expensive, but we’ve been able to put this trip together at fantastic prices thanks to Trafalgar Tours and American Airlines.
For The Last 8 Years, Jeff Foxworthy Has Been Working With The HomelessJeff Foxworthy is probably one of America's most famous and recognizable comics.
Dale Hansen Says Art Briles Has Failed The Women Of BaylorDale Hansen went Unplugged last night on the subject of Baylor.
Fort Worth's Heim Barbecue Is Getting Death Threats From Angry Toronto FansRemember that Fort Worth barbecue owner who offered Rougned Odor barbecue for life after the Rangers' 2nd baseman punched out Jose Bautista?
When Sharks Go Wild...In Your Kayak!What happens when a 3-foot shark lands in your kayak?
Weird Al On Making A Serious Album: Oh, No. That's Not How My Brain Is Wired.Woohoo! Jody gets a Weird Al interview redemption!!!
Holocaust Survivor Fulfills Her Dream Of Singing The National AnthemHermina Hirsch will make you smile.
The Worst Campaign Appearance EverYou may have seen Mary Lou Bruner in your newsfeed, because she's running for office. She's a candidate for the Texas Board of Education.
Scuba Diver Finds Himself In An "Open Water" SituationSo, you're diving about 17 miles off the Florida coast.
This Just Might Be The Largest Lego Train EverHow did I miss this?
Jody: The Shooting Stars Brought Home The Championship!We haven't had a chance yet to really talk about the Shooting Stars, the soccer team my daughter's played on for a few years now.

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