OMG! Watch A Jogger Push A Woman Into Oncoming TrafficFirst thing's first, the woman is ok. Thankfully, she only suffered a few minor injuries. However, we can only imagine what she's going through mentally.
Have You Seen Chicago's Shirtless Jogger? Well... You Must (VIDEO)Ethan Ranoe was minding his own business – half naked, but minding his own business – jogging along this fine city’s beautiful lakefront. They’ve had no snow yet this year and the weather was a rainy 54 yesterday, as you know if you watched any of the Bears-Redkins yesterday.
Patti Stevens, White Rock Jogger's Widow, Apparently Takes Her Life
Just Going For A JogWe love stupid or as we like to call it…They Walk Among Us!
As Heard On Jody Dean: Thursday, 7/12/2012
As Heard On Jody Dean: Wednesday, 7/11/2012If it came out of Jody’s mouth, we’re frantically trying to add it here! We’re updating this page constantly throughout the morning, so refresh often! We have a few things going on this morning…
As Heard On Jody Dean: Monday, 10/04/2010

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