I avoid this at all costs!!! (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

David’s Dateline: Stores Starting Movement To Prevent Opening On Thanksgiving

Macy’s announced it’s opening for Black Friday at 6PM on Thanksgiving.

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Beer for breakfast? (Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Free Starbucks For 30 Years?

Getting a fancy coffee at Starbucks every day can hurt you in the wallet. Now, you might be able to go for the next 30 years and never have to worry about paying for your latte’s or Frappuccino’s again. Starbucks is holding a contest called, “Starbucks for life”.

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Gold medalist Katie Taylor of Ireland ce

They Walk Among Us: The Great News Report

Quite possibly the greatest news report in history. It was posted a year ago, but only has about 5,000 views.

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(Photo credit should read DAVID EBENER,DAVID EBENER/AFP/Getty Images)

Rebekah Reports From Vacation

If you missed it, Rebekah reported in from the KLUV cruise late in the show on Tuesday.

5 hours ago

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Pope Lets People Into The Sistine Chapel

For the first time ever, the Pope let the Sistine Chapel be rented out for a private corporate party.


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Woman Petitions Toys ‘R Us To Remove ‘Breaking Bad’ Toys

A Florida mom has started a Change.org petition asking Toys ‘R Us to stop selling toys from the popular cable drama “Breaking Bad,” Today.com reported.


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They Walk Among Us: When A Drunk Driver Pulls Into A Police Station

The old joke began “A drunk walks into a bar.”


(Photo by Miami-Dade Police Department via Getty Images)

Viral Moments Turning Into Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Some of the year’s most viral moments are turning into costumes this Halloween. A new survey from social media app Skout is determining the best ideas for costumes based on the most popular Internet sensation and memes.


Celebrity Solstice - First Arrival Port Everglades 11/03/2008

Rebekah’s Vacation, Day 2

Other than a Facebook post from her mother and one picture of her ship leaving Galveston, no word from Rebekah on how the cruise is going.


(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Jimmy Kimmel Drives A Cab For Uber

Have you ever called uber?




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