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Jenny Q: “Hall-oween & Oates” Tonight @ Daryl Hall’s New Music Club

I’m a huge fan of all things Hall & Oates and absolutely love the show Live from Daryl’s House where he performs (and cooks) with everyone from Smokey Robinson to Gavin DeGraw to Train to tons of young, new artists I otherwise wouldn’t know. Tonight the show streams live from a new venue in Pawling NY – 66 miles north of Manhattan.

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Jenny Q: Giants Called ‘Dynasty’ – But Maybe Not

Last night after the Giants did something no one ever does – win a game seven in someone else’s yard – I noticed the D word was everywhere. On shirts, hats, the Giants FB page, sports headlines online…


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Jenny Q: Allman Brothers’ Swan Song – They Are Done :(

When most of us were sleeping this morning at 1:25 AM EST, the Allman Brothers were playing their last note before a live audience.


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Jenny Q: Steve Perry Cheers His Giants in KC—At Least in the First Inning

What a blow out last night… I don’t know why I was enjoying it so much. I don’t particularly hate the Giants. It’s not about their near rout of the Rangers four years ago. But, hey, we all K-LUV a Cinderella story. Steve Perry made the, um, Journey from his “cit-ee by the bay” to game six where the Giants lost 10-zip, and Royals fans have too much Midwestern friendliness to razz him. Instead they posed with him for photos. He is, after all, Steve Perry. And I’m sure he hasn’t stopped believing… yet.


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Jenny Q: Sting + Broadway Cast Street Sing “Every Little Thing”

It’s called the Saturday Night Scream – a Broadway serenading tradition – and last night it was Sting and the cast of his just-opened musical singing for the Jersey Boys troupe across the street.


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Jenny Q: Amber Vinson Reportedly Ebola Free

Dallas nurse Amber Vinson no longer has the Ebola virus in her body, according to a statement from her family.


Matthew McConaughey (Joe Klamar/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey Is A Washington Fan?

Matthew McConaughey speaks to GQ magazine about the Washington football team that the Cowboys play Monday night. He doesn’t want Washington to change the logo of the team at all. He says he knows it’s going to happen, but he wishes it wouldn’t.


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They Walk Among Us: Man Fakes Coma To Avoid Court

In order to avoid going to court, a Welsh man faked a coma – for two years.


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Facts About Things We Never Get Tired Of

New report out on the Kennedy assassination claims a bunch of JFK’s secret service detail stayed out til 5AM on November 22, and were too hungover that day.


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Beatles Wednesday: Beatle Birthplaces

The birthplace of ‘The Beatles,’ one could argue, is the Casbah Coffee Club – where they had their first paid gig.




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