Furry Phase, KVIL, 1985

Jody Dean: Ch-Ch-Changes

eorge Riba retired this week, after a total of 42 years on the air in Dallas-Ft. Worth. It’s estimated that while at Channel 8 for the last 37 years, George covered around 8,000 stories. A true professional, George isn’t just one of the nicest people in TV. He’s one of the nicest people, period. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him since I was at Channel 5 in the mid-70’s, and enjoy seeing him every time I do. I sure hope he does more than just pop up now and again. He’s too gifted for that. As others have said, George has never gotten in the way of his stories – and practically no one has ever seen him even get mad.


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Hall & Oates to Perform at White House Sunday Night

It’s only right that Philly’s favorite sons will perform at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. President Obama made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, and you can hear Daryl’s response here in his own words:



Trailer Trash: Fifty Shades Of Grey

KLUV’s Rebekah Black and KJKK’s Billy Kidd review the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer on the first episode of Trailer Trash.


Toshiba President Hisao Tanaka News Conference On Health Care Business

Need Fitness Tracker? Study Says Use Your Phone

I’m always trying to downsize and, hence, not buy anything that won’t enhance my life or duplicate what I already have, so…


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Better Get Cable for ‘Better Call Saul’

Last week at some point, somewhere… someone told me that I could see Better Call Saul via Hulu the day after it aired. Ummmmm… I’m not so sure.


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Pete Carroll Says It Wasn’t The Worst Call Ever

Yesterday I sent a text to an old friend with whom I hadn’t spoken with in months regarding Harper Lee’s upcoming sequel. (We’re lovers of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’) Before long, our texts took an extreme left turn into discussing “the play.” The one that decided the Super Bowl. It’s still on everyone’s mind. We’ll be YouTubing it as long as YouTube exists. Here’s a piece of our back & forth.


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Valerie Harper ‘Grateful’ Two Years After Cancer Diagnosis

Two years have flown by since Valerie Harper announced that she had brain cancer, and did so in such an inspiring way.


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Beatles Wednesday: The Year All Heaven Broke Loose (1964)

They’d been perfecting their God-given gifts and chemistry since pre-1960, but 1964 was revolution-ary for the Beatles (and the rest of us!)


(Jenny Q)

My Friend, The Novelist!

Somehow I feel more successful today just knowing this person. I mean, it’s not every day you publish a book.


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Kevin Costner’s Home is ‘Frozen-Obsessed’

The impossibly good-looking Kevin Costner (I had to add that after seeing his photo) would very much enjoy today’s KLUV contest. It would qualify him for a “Trip for Four for Frozen Fun at Disney California.”




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