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Jenny Q: Ryan Gosling Has Said “Thanks, But No Thanks” to People Mag

If you’re among the millions OUTRAGED that actor Ryan Gosling has never graced the cover of People as the sexiest man alive – do not, I repeat NOT – blame the magazine.


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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

This week, we start the episode with the shock of last week’s eviction.


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Jenny Q: TV Anchor Proves Point by Wearing Same Suit For A Year

I just love this guy for doing this experiment. And since a one minute video is worth 10,000 words, see here how he wore the same suit on-air daily for a year compared to the ever-changing color and style of his female counterpart!


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The Jingle Joes Are Back!

Do you remember the “Show Your Joe” video from last holiday season?


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Jenny Q: It’s That Time of Year – Yep, National Unfriend Day

Jimmy Kimmel has made it okay to unfriend people. In fact, it’s encouraged every November 17th.


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Jenny Q: Hottest Baby Names – ‘Mistletoe,’ ‘Holly’ Not On List

Anyone you know having a baby? Maybe you? Here are some names to either consider, or avoid.


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Jenny Q: Since We’re Now Playing Josh Groban…

It’s only fair to see if he’s still available. He’s not.


I can't wait for mine to get here! (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Jenny Q: iPhone 6 Selling Like (Electronic) Hotcakes

I finally laid my eyes on the new iPhone. It was in the hands of David Rancken (He was holding tight so I wouldn’t steal it) David said he switched from Android, though he’d had an iPhone in the past.


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Jenny Q: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns After Cancer Scare

Fortunately, the news is good. Elisabeth Hasselbeck had disappeared for a month from Fox & Friends. She’s back, and as you can see in this video, very emotional about what she went through.


Happy Beatles

Fab Firsts: Twenty Things The Beatles Did Before Anyone Else

Unusual instruments, sound effects, song length, chart position and new genres, The Beatles’ records… set records! Here are twenty of many things with which they’re credited as being first. 1. First band to cram 14 […]




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