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The 12 Most Toxic Behaviors

Thursday I spotted this list on the intrawebs. Then I read it. We all have some sort of toxic behavior. Sadly, these behaviors don’t just effect our personal relationships, but also our work environments.


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7 Things That Aren’t Worth Your Money

There are a lot of things in this world that just aren’t worth the money you’ve spent. Somehow, Lynn Stuart Parramore of Salon managed to narrow it down to 7 things.


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50 Things Every Man Should Realize

For the most part, men are stupid. :)


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The Craziest Celebrity Baby Names

You have to be a little off to become famous, and sometimes just down right weird. So it’s not surprising that most celebrities aren’t satisfied with naming their children something normal, like Steve. Here is […]


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10 Most Dangerous Songs To Listen To While Driving

We all love to rock out in our cars while we are driving, but have you ever noticed your driving being affected by the music you’re listening to? British insurance company recently did a […]


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Strange New Laws For 2013

New year, new laws.



The 10 Worst-Reviewed Movies Of 2012

There were nearly 200 movies released in 2012 and they couldn’t all be Oscar contenders. Here is the list of movies that wish they could get a do over in 2012, based on the Rotten […]


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Frank Ocean In Six-Way Tie For Most GRAMMY Noms

He stands with Kanye West, Jay-Z, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, fun., and Mumford & Sons as the six artists who have six nominations each, topping all other artists.


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Is Beach Boy Mike Love Music’s Biggest Villain?

In the wake of Love coldly giving the boot to his bandmates, we have to wonder: Is Mike Love the biggest villain in the music world? We explore Love’s legacy of indiscretions and less-than-favorable attributes that suggest as much.


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TCU And SMU Recieve Honors From Playboy

Playboy released it’s annual list of the “Top Ten Party Schools” in the country, and they gave SMU and TCU some recognition.




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