According To Google Texans Really Care About Miranda LambertHer divorce, that is.
Rebekah's 2015 Christmas Gift Guide OR The Top 10 Gifts To Buy For The Kids You Love And The Parents You HateI swear, I really don’t mean to buy gifts to annoy parents. It just ALWAYS turns out that way. Just about every gift I’ve given to all the little kids I love…they get to enjoy it for the day, then it mysteriously disappears never to been seen or heard from again. Actually, maybe this list of toys should be what to avoid buying this year.
The Latest Trend In Baby Names...Instagram
The Happiest State in America Also Has the Shortest Work HoursWe see a lot of studies that try to rank the happiest and least happy states in America, but this one's pretty comprehensive . . .
If You Have An iPhone You Might Want To Read This
Who Are The 12 Worst Lovers In Hollywood?A website called "Celeb Romance" compiled a list of the 12 Worst Lovers in Hollywood. They based it on what past partners have said about their bedroom skills. Are any of your heartthrobs on the list?
Who Do We Put On The $10 Bill
The Top 8 Ticket & Traffic Law Myths
The Top 5 Graduation Gifts
Top Bikeable Cities for 2015No Texas cities made the list. Not even one Tarrant County town, which I've found is very bikeable. And likeable.
7 Tips To De-Stress
5 Things A Masseuse Should NEVER Say To A Client

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