Netflix Co-Founder Wants To Offer $10-A-Month Unlimited Movie Theater TicketsWhat is the catch? Well, it only seems to be that the theater must accept debit cards and you can't go see a 3D or IMAX movie.  The plan is that MoviePass will pay the difference of the cost of the ticket to the theater, which seems like it could rack up a big bill for the new startup. 
Lionsgate Could Soon Revive The "Twilight" And "Hunger Games" FranchisesIt hasn't even been five years since the Hunger Games and Twilight films released their final pictures in to theaters.
Disney Is Dumping Netflix In 2018 & Starting Their Own Streaming ServiceIt was only a matter of time before Disney got into the streaming game. It's a wonder this didn't happen sooner.
The Most Re-Watchable Movies of All TimeHow many times have you seen these?
What Movie Can You Watch Over and Over and OVER?
Cars & Cars 2 Get A Combined Honest TrailerPixar is coming out with a new Cars film soon. So the guys at Screen Junkies decided NOW’S the time to abuse the first couple of Cars movies.
Judge Reinhold Is Hosting "Totally 80s Month" On HDNet MoviesRaise your hand if you love the 80s! Keep it up if you love movies!
Rebekah Reviews: Wonder WomanBelieve it or not, but I lost sleep over Wonder Woman. Why? Because everyone around me seemed to LOVE it and I didn't. All night long, I tossed and turned while wondering "What am I missing?"
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Ruins Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 With Lame Science FactsThere’s a lot of science fiction films coming this summer. It’s a way to let your imagination just soar into the world of fiction and superheroes.
Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Received A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of FameCongrats to one of the greatest celebrities couples of all time! Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are the proud new owners of a shiny star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
See What Critics Say About "The Circle" (Tom Hanks, Emma Watson) and Action/Sci-Fi "Sleight"Well, at least "Sleight" gives you a reason to go to a new movie...
Parents Give Their Autistic Son His Very Own Mini Blockbuster At HomeBlockbuster has been on it's way out for years. In fact you probably didn't even know a storefront still existed.

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