Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, & The Cast Of Star Wars Give Us An A Capella Rendition Of Our Favorite Music From The MoviesThe Star Wars stories just keep coming this week.
Poll: When Should 98.7 KLUV Become The Christmas Station?Every year around this time something magical happens at 98.7 KLUV, we become "The Christmas Station".
Harlem Globetrotters And Cast Of Stomp Make Music Together: See The Video
Study Comes Up With "Perfect Music to Wake Up To"Do you wake-up to music… news… talk… or nothing on the radio? Or maybe you wake-up to something else you’ve programmed. I realize if you wake-up to Jody Dean’s show it’s the perfect blend of all three :) but here’s an interesting new study about what music starts the day on the right, um, note.
Adele Is Being Accused Of Copying Tom Waits With Her New SingleMusic fans are up in arms claiming that Adele copied Tom Waits 1970 hit song Martha.
Everybody Panic!!! Taylor Swift Is Taking A Break From Music!
Rebekah: My Gas Station Has Jazz Night!
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Laura Ingalls Is Running For Congress!
Attention DFW Surgeons, Listening To KLUV Improves Your Work
Listen to Don Henley's Two New Country Songs - Including Martina Duet!These two voices do indeed make beautiful music together. Wow.
A Tortilla That Plays "The Mexican Hat Dance"
Aaron Hendra's Voice Will Turn The Ladies To Mush!

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