President Obama Listens To Eminem To Get Pumped UpPolitics aside, but President Obama might be the coolest 55-year-old man on Earth. He's definitely hipper than most dads his age.
Usher, Cyndi Lauper, & Sheryl Crow Sing "Don't Use Our Song" To All The Political CandidatesA lot of rock musicians have been more than a little peeved that political candidates have been using their songs as entrance music or exit music for that matter during their rallies and conventions. Even cease and desist letters and threats of lawsuits aren’t stopping the candidates.
Wait, I've Heard That Song Before!The Led Zeppelin verdict reminded us that we all know certain songs that sound an awful lot like other songs. Thanks to mashup artists, that can make for some beautiful music.
Worst Wedding Music FailsDo you remember the music from your wedding? Were there any glitches?
The Game Of Thrones Theme Song Goes IndianFor those of us who love Game of Thrones, we just can't get enough of the show.
Watch An Alaskan Moose Crank Out A Beat On The Wind ChimesThere's no better way to kick off the weekend than with a moose playing the wind chimes.
Ever Wonder What Music Prince Played At His Parties?Steve Welch is an award-winning editor who worked on the series New Girl.
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: The Rock Will Remake JumanjiI’m now sporting a record of 536-11. Today features me (Rebekah) VS Marcie!
Sales of Prince Music Explode in Wake of DeathAs expected, the death of Prince has prompted massive numbers of people to download his music. He has the Top 4 songs and albums on iTunes.
'Holy Grail' of Beatles Records Sells for Six Figures at AuctionAnother jaw-dropping price for Beatles memorabilia.
Lost Tapes Report Apollo 10 Heard Strange Music On Their RadiosAs if we needed more proof that aliens exist. We aren't sure why it's taken so long for this story to surface, but it appears that Apollo 10 may have had an encounter.
The 70 Best Things About The 70sThe 70s were a great time for music, fashion, and technology...or at least that's what we thought back then.

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