L.A. Meteorologist Told To Put On A Sweater During A Live Broadcast!You know what's more important than the news and weather? What you're wearing of course!
What's Trending On Facebook Might Not Actually Be TrendingIs Facebook trying to push a left agenda on it's users?
NSFW: Woman Flashes Her Boobs During A Live News BroadcastA lot of people hate watching the news because they say it's boring or too depressing. This live broadcast was far that.
Celine Dion's Husband Rene Has Passed Away After A Long Battle With CancerOur friends over at People Magazine are reporting that Celine Dion's husband Rene has passed away.
Geraldo Rivera's Daughter Was At The Soccer Stadium In ParisThis is so scary, we are glad she was able to get out unharmed.
Game Of Thrones Is Getting A Movie, But George R.R. Martin Isn't Involved
Miss America Turns The Tables & Asks Men Pageant Questions
Facebook Explains What's On Your News Feed and WhyDo you disagree with much of what's on your Facebook newsfeed and wonder why it's there? FB says it's more about you, not them.
CityNews Reporter Shauna Hunt Shuts Down A Vulgar Man On LIVE TV
Jody's Must Read Stories Of The Day!
How Do You Get Rid Of Grackles?
America Thinks Brian Williams Deserves A Second Chance

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